Costco Meal Planning: 50 Breakfast Burritos for $30

Being pregnant in the summer is no fun because everything is hot hot HOT. Cooking is my current nemesis, since we live in an old house that has a sweet little kitchen all enclosed and insulated, complete with a vintage stove that heats up the room along with whatever the stove is cooking. For this reason, I’m currently very into cold cereal, salads, and batch cooking freezer meals that I can later microwave. Frozen breakfast burritos are such a life saver for us because they’re a good shot of protein, they’re incredibly economical, and they only take a minute and a half to heat up.

Freezer breakfast burrito

Ok, two confessions. One: this recipe only makes 48 breakfast burritos. I just put 50 in the title because it’s such a better visual, don’t you think? Two: I didn’t actually make 48 breakfasts burritos. I ended up making 24 breakfast burritos and then used the rest of the ingredients to make other things like casseroles, enchiladas, egg sandwiches, etc. Again, though, you COULD make 50-ish breakfast burritos for $30 and that’s the point I’m trying to make.

Here is what you’ll be looking for at Costco for basic breakfast burritos: eggs, hashbrowns, cheese, and tortillas.

Costco Breakfast Burritos

Obviously, there are a lot of other things you could put in them, including sausage, bacon, ham, spices, beans, mushrooms, spinach, etc. I’m showing you this basic version because it’s a good starting point AND because this is pretty much the only version my kids will both eat.

The key to making this worth it is to not spend too much time on prep, so I go the easy route for cooking the eggs and the hashbrowns. For the hashbrowns, I heat the oven to 400 degrees and bake them for about a half hour, checking toward the end to make sure they aren’t burning around the edges. These Costco boxes have two big bags of frozen hashbrowns and each bag takes up two parchment-paper-lined cookie sheets so I usually only do one bag at a time (and, like I mentioned, I tend to turn the other bag into a potato casserole). Just toss the hashbrowns with a little oil, salt and pepper, spread them out evenly on the parchment paper and bake. If your oven is uneven, you might want to switch the cookie sheets around halfway through, especially if you have to stack them on different racks to make them fit. I don’t know. Maybe your oven is nicer than ours.


For the eggs, I do about two and a half dozen at once and crack them all into a large wok. I turn the heat to medium high and agitate them with a wooden spoon until they’re scrambled. Don’t add any milk to these, even if that’s your go-to scrambled eggs recipe, because it makes them cook funny and they don’t freeze as well. You can add cheese to them at this point if you want, but I prefer to add the cheese separately.

Breakfast burrito eggs

Let the hashbrowns and the eggs cool down for at least ten minutes. Then, you just make the burritos by adding eggs, hashbrowns, and cheese until the tortilla is about 1/3 full, tucking in the ends, and rolling it up. From there, roll each burrito into a little wax paper burrito (tucking the edges just like you did with the tortilla) and use a piece of tape to secure. Pack the in a freezer ziploc bag, squeeze most of the air out, and they’ll keep for at least a couple of months. Ours usually only last about a month, but again I’m making 24 at a time, not 50, and my kids split one burrito so your timeline might be different.



I should tell you that if you buy that double pack of shredded cheese for $10, you will end up with tons of extra cheese even if you did make all 50 breakfast burritos so don’t be trying to make all that cheese fit in. You could actually go cheaper and just buy the $5 block of cheese, but I really hate shredding cheese and can’t imagine why you would do that to yourself. Plus, if you’re anything like us, there’s no such thing as “extra cheese” in your house.

BTW – I cheated a little with this batch because I had a bag of chopped ham in the freezer that I needed to use up, so I grilled to defrost and added it in. Again, that’s the great thing about these – you can change them up so easily!


To reheat, microwave for 1-2 minutes. Enjoy!


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Costco Meal Planning 50 Breakfast Burritos for $30

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