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My Fitness Journey: Hitting the Baby Bump in the Road


Disclaimer: I talk about this BOB stroller later in the post. I received it for free, along with a Britax car seat and adapter, for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions below are my own. 

Some of you might have known that I really tried to get into a healthy fitness routine around Christmas. I took advantage of one of the New Year’s resolution specials that my local Anytime Fitness was having and we signed up for a membership. I actually had another gym membership at the time, but it was just far enough away that I never made it. This new gym was walking distance from our home and we were determined to make it part of our routine.

Inevitably, what has happened with new fitness journeys in the past is that I get sick and it disrupts everything. I thought I might get lucky and stay virus free for a while because I had just gotten over a couple months of bronchitis, but I did get a cold the second week. I pushed through, easing up a little on my workout but not giving up on it completely, and when I started to feel better I was already working out a little longer and at a more challenging level than where I started.

For three months, I went to the gym at least every other day for an hour. I changed what I was eating, focused on drinking more water, and started a separate Instagram account, both to track my journey and to start following other fitness IG accounts exclusively. I wore my Fitbit, tracked my food on RunKeeper, and used Google Photos to log every workout by taking a photo and adding my workout time and other details.

workout log

As winter started to ease up, I ran to the gym more often to add some time to my workout and started looking into other classes. I knew I didn’t want to sign up for another race, but I wanted some new motivation because I had lost about 25 pounds and the weight loss had started to slow down. Finally, I decided to pick up a pilates class and add some family trips to a local swimming pool so I could do laps through the summer.

And then, of course, I got pregnant.

The pregnancy wasn’t unwanted, but it caught us a little off guard and I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t feel a little frustrated with the timing. I felt like I was really on a roll and had thought that I might make some serious headway on my health goals before attempting to have our third (and likely our last) baby. I have crazy pregnancy issues and being heavier doesn’t help them so after the test came back positive I resolved to stick to my fitness plan as much as possible in the hopes that I could keep inching forward for as long as I could.

I think “as long as I could” was like 4…maybe 5 days?

The puking got me before the fatigue did. I never minded our gym before but a few days into the pregnancy the combination of the tropical-scented air freshener and the smell of everyone else working out had me hopping (stumbling? falling?) off the elliptical every five minutes to dash to the bathroom. Our gym is small enough that this got awkward quickly so I decided to take a few days off until I confirmed the pregnancy with my doctor to see if she could give me anything.

One of the lucky/unlucky things about being so high-risk in pregnancy is that I get doctor appointments early and often so we were able to see the OB very early on. We talked about my workout problem and she dropped two bombshells: because of my other issues I wasn’t a good candidate for anything that would help my nausea outside of Unisom (sleeping pills) AND she was only going to clear me for 15 minutes of lightly strenuous exercise at a time (walking) and that would only last until after I had my cerclage surgery in the second trimester. At that point, I would be exercise restricted completely.

The great thing about social media is that it’s easy to find people who are like you to inspire you to make your life better. That’s why I loved following all of the weight loss success stories AND the plus size people who were shrinking slowly but surely on Instagram. That being said, it’s so frustrating to be benched and then see photo after photo of people who are doing the things you want to do and captioning their baby bump exercise photos with “pregnant not broken” and “my reason, not my excuse”. I so want that to be me and it’s tempting to bend the rules to maybe do a twenty minute circuit or a slight jog instead of a walk.

But. The baby.

It feels long, but really I’m not going to be pregnant forever. As I mentioned, I’m also probably not going to be pregnant ever again so that’s a whole long life to get my body to a stronger place. In the meantime, I can eat well, do what I can, and focus on getting this baby to term before introducing it to the world. I’m post-surgery now so I do have to lay down a lot and I’m not supposed to lift anything over 5 lbs (which is like…milk…) so my fitness options are definitely limited but it doesn’t mean I have to be a beached whale. I’m stretching, doing light movements, and enjoying that fact that (for today) I’m not on complete pregnancy bed rest like last time.

I’m also enjoying the bit of progress I had made up to this point. I’ve gained two pounds since we found out about the pregnancy, which leaves twenty-six pounds to gain before I get back to the weight that I was at Christmas. I have no illusions of going the rest of the pregnancy without gaining weight, but I’m more confident that I’ll be able to shake it off after the fact than I would have been getting pregnant at that high weight. I also improved my endurance while I was working out, so we were able to do some longer family outings before my surgery. Walking is a little boring, but Utah has a lot of great places to walk and BOB sent us the single version of our favorite double jogging stroller, which made going out as a family a lot easier.


This is the BOB 2016 Revolution Pro jogging stroller.

We live close to the bottom of a canyon here in Salt Lake City, which makes for lots of fun places to walk around but which also means that we aren’t always on paved roads. We can’t use any stroller besides the BOB strollers in this area because we need the shocks and the good tires to keep everything smooth and easy so it was great to have the new single to grab whenever it was time to stretch our legs. Little tip: it folds up easily and does fit in our trunk as-is, but the back wheels also pop off with just the push of a button which makes more room for things like a cooler or diaper bag. I didn’t figure this out until we’d had the other one for almost a year so I thought I’d let you know!


Calvin is almost three but he still fits comfortably and the weight distribution is nice for this one, so it isn’t too much to push him even when my belly popped out and I got winded a little more easily. Like I mentioned, I’m benched now but Kyle has been taking Calvin out pretty regularly. It’s been a good way to get crankypants to settle at night since he’s been resisting bed time ever since the sun started setting later in the evening.



I learned something recently about these jogging strollers. I had contacted BOB to see about getting a single jogger so I could use it with the new baby when both of the kids are in school next year (more on THAT later!) and it turns out that you really aren’t supposed to use the BOB strollers by themselves for really little babies. I didn’t know that I think we put Calvin into our double as soon as he could sort of hold his head up, but apparently the support is wrong and it can be both dangerous and uncomfortable for them to be strapped into the seats meant for larger kids. I tried to illustrate this with the help of Eva’s baby doll:



Okay, kind of tough to see because this is a plastic doll with the hair of a toddler, but it is slouched in there and the head barely clears the straps even on the smallest setting. There is also a lot of space for a wiggly teeny to slip out of one side or the other because the legs aren’t long enough to make the buckle effective.

The solution is to add a Britax car seat (they sent us the BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax) and the inexpensive car seat adapter that connects to the BOB stroller:


Side note – pretty good posing, right? I’m a pro at posing with things. You’d never know that I’m actually telling Calvin not to put dirt in his mouth.

I’d show you how to put the adapter on, but really you just click it in and then the car seat clicks into place on top. I’m more excited about this and not only because it’s safer and more comfortable for baby – getting babies to sleep using the stroller is a big go-to for us and if I can just move the baby around in the car seat, that baby is going to sleep a LOT longer.


I was wondering if going off road in the canyon like we do would be too much for the baby even in the car seat because we didn’t run Calvin up the canyon until he was bigger, so I tried to “off-road” a little with the doll in the car seat. Turns out, that particular experiment is pretty useless because I have no idea if the doll was less comfortable off the paved path BUT it did seem like the shocks, wheels, and cushioning of the car seat minimized and bumps.


Anyway, I have months and months now of not taking walks up the canyon but I’m looking forward to getting back to it as soon as the baby comes and I’ve recovered a little. Who knows…depending on the timeline, maybe we’ll make it up the canyon just when the leaves are changing (my favorite) and a few months after next Christmas I’m hoping to be reasonably close to the progress I made before Baby 3 arrived.  One thing at a time, right?

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  • Reply James

    For a while there I thought there was a really baby on the stroller! LOL Anyway, my wife went through the same thing when she was pregnant with our second child. She flat out refused to go to the gym anymore because she couldn’t stand the smell! I ended up getting her a foldable elliptical machine so she wouldn’t have to feel bad about not being able to workout.

    June 22, 2016 at 3:07 am
  • Reply Sia Copper

    Hey Carley Morgan,
    Great article! I really loved the idea of using BOB 2016 Revolution Pro jogging stroller. Your cleaver idea on getting back into shape is super cool 🙂 .

    October 14, 2017 at 8:14 am
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