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My Planned Cerclage for Baby 3 

I had surgery yesterday so that this pregnancy can continue and I’m happy to say that it went well. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster because the surgery window for cervical incompetence isn’t very big and we were hitting the upper end of it. I’ve been sick for the last three weeks or so though (along with the other Morgans) and that complicated general anesthesia. As it was, I barely made the cut off for being ok to go under with my lingering cold symptoms but I did and I went and it’s done. 

Cervical incompetence is the same complication I had with Calvin. It’s a pretty sad diagnosis because it’s most commonly diagnosed after you’ve given birth too early since the only real symptom is labor. We were lucky that they happened to catch mine during a routine ultrasound and I got a rescue Cerclage to keep Calvin in. That surgery was pretty dramatic because it was an emergency Cerclage and I was enough in labor that the doctor could see the baby and even though she was able to stop the process, she was only able to “freeze” everything rather than put everything back the way it was. For that reason, I had four months of bed rest and lots of drugs to help keep everyone healthy. 

Planned cerclages happen after you’ve been diagnosed with the condition so we knew I’d have to have one. Scarily enough, the doctor estimates that I was only weeks at most from losing this one because of how everything looked during surgery but weeks vs minutes is still a great trade. I’m resting up this weekend but with any luck I’ll be able to (calmly) move around for the rest of the pregnancy. 

As for the actual procedure, it’s probably different at every hospital. My experience was that I had a pre-op appointment to get all the paperwork done the day before and then I showed up to check in yesterday morning with my mom. I had to fast starting at midnight so I was starving but feeling fine otherwise.  We went back into a room where I changed into a gown, got my vitals checked, listened to the baby’s heartbeat, had an IV put in, and got an EKG. I don’t think the EKG is standard – I have heart problems so I get them all the time. 

After all of that was done, I was wheeled down to the pre-op area in surgery where my mom and I had a chance to talk to the doctor and meet the anaesthesiologist and my surgical nurse. My mom went to the waiting area and the anaesthesiologist took me to the operating room and they helped me move onto the table. They put a mask on and told me to take deep breaths. The anaesthesiologist put something in my IV that stung a little and started making a joke about how I’d soon be partying with Jay-Z on the French Riviera and I said something about how he had the wrong girl because that sounded awful but I’m not sure I finished because I don’t remember anything after that. 

I woke up in recovery a little dizzy but not disoriented. The whole thing took less than a half hour so I’m sure it’s the lightest “going under” you can get. The doctor stopped by and confirmed that I was still pregnant and everything had gone well. The big risk with this surgery is puncturing the bag of waters or irritating the uterus into full labor so there had been a chance that I’d wake up not pregnant. I was very relieved to hear it had gone well. 

I got sick to my stomach a little after that and stayed that way for a long time. They wheeled me to a room in labor and delivery (my mom in tow) because the risk of labor lasts a few hours and we hung out while they monitored my contractions. They brought me some terrible hospital food but I was sick enough that I never ate it even though I had been starving earlier.  


Mom and I figured out I was actually recovering int he room Eva was born in so that was sort of funny. Originally I hadn’t planned on mom coming with me but it was nice that she was there for most of the day, partly because I would have been bored and partly because there’s a whole lot going on and I was a little fuzzy on the details for my medicine and follow up care going home. Mom was able to relay that info to Kyle after she brought me home. I went right to bed and Kyle woke me up occasionally to give me meds but I wasn’t really “with it” until this morning. 

My pain isn’t bad, which I know can be a worry for people who haven’t had this done before. Overall, really not that rough and I’m so grateful to have had it done. This was our big hurdle (hopefully) for this baby and the plan is to just relax and take it easy until baby is ready to come out. 

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    I’m glad it went well! Keeping you in my thoughts!

    June 3, 2016 at 9:21 pm
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