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Calvin is Three Years Old

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Calvin turns 3 years old today. If you count that very first birthday three years ago, I’ve been with him on his birthday only half the time. Yes for delivery day (I played a pretty big part there), no for one, yes for two, and now he turns three in Oregon and I’m at home cleaning his room and getting his toys organized before he comes back.

Three years. Man alive, if you think the last three years have gone by slowly you are just plain nuts. At the same time, is there a time before Calvin or has he just been here forever?

Confession: there were times during my pregnancy with Calvin where I had some serious doubts about what we had done. Life seemed so simple with Eva, even with her allergy diagnosis, and here I was bringing in this whole other person who would disrupt everything and demand that we split the toys and the house and ourselves right down the middle. I spent a fair chunk of that pregnancy in regret.

And now? He’s just…oh my heavens. That boy. He wears me out and runs us around all day but I adore him. He’s the funniest, quirkiest, cuddliest kid ever. And now, when I have moments of “what in the world did we do why are we doing this again oh no this was a horrible decision”, he’s my touchstone that I probably can’t even imagine how good this is going to be.

Happy birthday, little wild thing. We love you so.


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