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The Baby is a Boy

This poor kid.

Nobody wanted the baby to be a boy. Eva wanted a girl because she’s been desperate for a sister since she was old enough to know what a sister is. I wanted a girl because Eva wanted a sister and I’m not planning on having any more babies. Kyle wanted a girl because naming girls is easier and the circumcision conversation is never comfortable. We all sort of wanted a girl because Calvin is already not thrilled about a new baby, let alone a new baby who will wear his old clothes, play with his old toys, and be the new “little guy” in the Morgan family. Everyone else wanted a girl because we wanted a girl.

He’s a boy.

We have a new son on the way. New puppy smells, sweaty t-shirts, and grubby hands. New buzzcuts. New sneakers. New sport socks in tiny sizes.

I love being a boy mom, so much more than I thought I would. I was so sad when we found out that Calvin was a boy because I already had all the girl stuff and felt completely unprepared to raise a son. That has, in short, been the happiest surprise of my life.

And so, another boy.

Eva rallied admirably, if I might say so. She was disappointed, bounced back quickly with a “next time” theory about getting a sister, was disappointed again when I told her this was it, and let herself be bummed for a while. Since then, she’s been walking around talking about her brothers and all the things the three of them will do together as soon as this baby comes out. (I think she’ll be disappointed again when he’s underwhelmed with Disney Infinity at two days old.)

For me…I don’t know. I was disappointed for her and my mini-nursery design flew quickly out the window because I don’t believe boys can’t enjoy girl colors but I also don’t think our rose and gold color scheme is going to work anymore. I immediately pictured the tubs and tubs of unworn designer girl clothes that Eva received and grew out of in five minutes. I thought about the little braids. The huge stack of Disney princess dresses. The socially acceptable pedicures.

And then it went away. Because whatever. It’s not like I didn’t get to ride that merry-go around.

A boy. A boy!!!

Baby Boy Clothes

White & Black Abstract Patch Playsuit – Tesa Babe /// Brown Corduroy Hooded Jacket -Beebay /// Charcoal Headphones Bodysuit /// White ‘Amuse Me Giants’ Bodysuit /// Gray & Black ‘Little Brother’ Playsuit & Beanie – Tesa Babe /// White & Blue Elephant Wrap Top Set – Baby Steps /// Blue Denim Jack Shortalls – Rockin’ Baby /// Cloud Stripe-Sleeve Organic Playsuit – Burt’s Bees Baby /// Blue Stripe Anchor Shortalls – Fantaisie Kids

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