Eva Style: Back to School with Mini Boden


Happy August! It’s back to school season already and little miss Eva is decked out. As she gets older and taller and stretches out in all directions, I’ve really wanted to put more of an effort to dress her to her age. So many little girl clothes have kids looking like miniature adults and while I thought that was adorable when Evester was a toddler, it’s becoming disturbing now that she actually has the ability to age 6-7 years depending on which outfit she chooses. No thanks! Stay little!!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Mini Boden because their adorable clothes are everywhere in magazines and on blogs, but just in case you haven’t Mini Boden is the teeny version of Boden, the ultra-wonderful British clothing brand. The clothes are tagless and feature beautiful patterns and great styles that are straight out of a storybook. In fact, their lines always remind me of Lola from the Charlie and Lola books (a favorite in our household) – cute but not babyish. Perfect for childhood. Plus they wash really well and are very durable so I don’t have to worry about them on the playground.

I partnered with Mini Boden for Eva’s back to school wardrobe (yay!¬†high-fives for everyone!!!) and we did a little photo session to showcase a few outfits. I don’t know which kills me more: the knee socks or all the stripes? Also, cute kid is cute.




















Outfit 1: Jersey Swing Dress, 3 Pack Knee Socks/// Outfit 2: Super Soft Pointelle T-shirt, Everyday Shorts, 2 Pack Knee Socks /// Outfit 3: Stripy Dress, 3 Pack Knee Socks /// Outfit 4: Classic Breton, Decorative Skirt, 3 Pack Knee Socks

You have to admit, those are pretty much the most “little girl” little girl clothes in the whole world. I don’t know how we’re going to pick a first day of school outfit. I’m leaning toward the yellow skirt but Eva is a little obsessed with that first dress because of all the bunnies. To be fair, how does one argue with all those bunnies?

In addition to dresses, t-shirts, shorts, and the world’s cutest socks, Mini Boden also has a ton of leggings and some very adorable outerwear. The boys’ line is equally adorable (especially the coats and sweaters!) with a good mix of solids, patterns, and graphics. I’m eyeballing a few pieces because Calvin is going to be starting preschool for the first time in a few weeks *sniff* so I need to order soon. Note: shipping does take a bit because it’s coming over from the U.K. but it’s free when your order is over $49!

Two more things! One: if you shop Mini Boden using this link you get 25% off of your order. Two: Influence Central is hosting a Mini Boden contest and three people are going to win $500 shopping vouchers!! The contest is open until August 22 and you can enter it here:

#BacktoSchoolwithBoden Giveaway

I-C will randomly select 3 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.


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