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Preschool Craft: Coffee Filter Halloween Pumpkins

We hung pumpkins up in the dining room today.

Make coffee filter pumpkins for Halloween

Seeing as it’s mid-September, it’s definitely a little early for Halloween decorations but the pumpkins are out at the grocery store and with the baby coming some time next month¬†(most likely), I don’t want the older kids to miss out on Halloween festivities because life got crazy. So, we’ll be making pumpkins and witches hats and caramel apples and if we go all the way to Halloween and I still haven’t had the baby it will just be that much more fall fun.

Most of our pumpkins were construction paper creations with all the rough edges and funny shapes, but we made a few special coffee filter ones to let the light through. This is a very simple craft that was great for both the three year old and the five year old so I thought I’d share.


First, you take an orange marker and color in a coffee filter, being sure to put something underneath it because the color will leak through. Don’t worry about the kids covering the whole thing with color because the next step takes care of that.

How to make pumpkins for Halloween from coffee filters

After the filters are colored, it’s time to get them wet. You can use a plate to catch the water, but I saved the plastic tops from portable cake pans a couple years ago and they are GREAT for projects like this so we used that. Just put the filter in and use a spray bottle to get every bit of it wet.

Idea for a fun coffee filter craft for preschool

Pull it out carefully (your fingertips will get orange, by the way!) and let it dry flat on a piece of aluminum foil. Once totally dry, add a few construction paper eyes, noses, mouths, and stems and you’ve got yourself a pumpkin. I cut out a ton of different pieces and let the kids do the whole stack of pumpkins at once so they got to design all the faces and give them personalities. The results were pretty awesome.

Make pumpkin decorations as a fun preschool craft for Halloween

Easy coffee filter jack o'lanterns

Materials: coffee filters, orange markers, cake pan tops, construction paper, glue sticks.

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Halloween Preschool craft: make jack-o-lanterns with coffee filter pumpkins

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