A Messy Mad Scientist Playdate

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It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks with back to school season starting and lots of changes happening in our family. Even though a lot of it has been good, there’s still been more stress than usual for the kids as they’ve adapted to new schedules, gotten used to new friends/teachers, and started really preparing for the new baby who will be joining us next month.

To blow off some steam, I decided it was time to host one more big blowout messy playdate before we wake up one morning in the snowy holiday season. Last year we did a playdate around Halloween that let the kids make magic potions using Jello mix, vinegar, and water and it was a ton of fun for them so I wanted to do something along those lines. I also knew that I had an opportunity coming up to introduce friends to WaterWipes, the non-chemical baby wipe brand that I’ve been teaming up with lately, so I decided to go super messy this time with our potion making.

Easy clean up after a mad scientist playdate

We went for a mad scientist theme, breaking out the Learning Resources beakers and test tubes along with our little jars and pitchers and I added new ingredients to the table. A lot of the ingredients looked the same to the kids at first glance, but as they started playing with them they realized that there were a lot of different textures, colors, and consistencies on the table. We had six different colors of gelatin mix, a few different pitchers of vinegar, a bunch of baking soda, a large beaker of light corn syrup, some regular water, some soapy water, and different sizes of glitter for the kids to play with.

Hands on science homeschool activity

It took them just over an hour to take the table from this:

Mad scientist play date

…to this:

Mad scientist halloween party

The kids had such a good time chatting and playing while making some of the most fantastic goop you’ve ever seen. It was great to see how scientific they were about a lot of it, comparing layers and colors and consistencies. By the end they were perfecting their methods and carefully measuring out little spoonfuls of random stuff to get the exact goop they wanted.

Fun science experiments for homeschool using household items

Three year old doing a fun science experiment for homeschool preschool

Fun mad scientist preschool activity using vinegar, baking soda, and gelatin mix.

Make mad scientist goop at home as a fun science activity

Science experiments are a fun idea for a messy playdate

Make mad scientist potions for Halloween

Preschool science activity at home

Honestly, I thought I might have overdone it, what with all the gelatin powder and corn syrup flying around, but the kids actually seemed to enjoy the responsibility and did a great job cleaning themselves up. The wipes held up just fine against all the crusty goopy mess and they didn’t tear or fall apart even with all the little fingers grabbing at them. At the end of it, we (the parents) really didn’t have to do much to clean anyone up with the exception of Calvin who actually managed to glitter slime his hair because my boy is that amazing.



Messy homeschool playdate for socialization

I really love that you can use as many WaterWipes as you want and they don’t irritate the skin, which made them perfect for this playdate. As many of you know, we have an ongoing battle with Eva’s eczema that we’re often losing but these wipes are totally gentle on her skin. She scrubbed her hands over and over without hurting her super sensitive skin at all.

Mad Scientist playdate for Kindergarten friends

Use WaterWipes to clean up for kids with severe eczema

If you’re curious about cleanup beyond the kids, when it was all said and done and the kids were eating lunch, I filled a plastic tub with water and put all of our jars, pitchers, and science pieces in to soak for a bit. Then I took the hose and just rinsed the table and chairs. After soaking to remove the glitter chunks, all of the materials we had used were ready to pop in to the dishwasher and came out ready for the next round of experiments.

Little note – gelatin mix is definitely something that stains when you get it wet, so if you were going to do this I recommend head to toe art clothes. The corn syrup was a HUGE hit with the kids but it was also the main reason that the whole table was slimed by the end so unless you’ve got laminate flooring or a really big splatter mat, I would say this is strictly an outdoor activity.

Messy mad scientist activity. Fun science activity for preschoolers using household items!
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