The First Month: How Kindergarten is Going


We decided to put Eva in Kindergarten this year even though we wanted to homeschool because we figured it was worth seeing exactly what she’d be missing by not doing “regular” school. I’d heard that Kindergarten isn’t the best measuring stick because it’s still more relaxed than the higher grades and the homework load is light, but we still wanted to see how she’d do. Well, she’s through the first month and I’m reporting back.

Earlier this week, Eva was late for school. To be more precise, her very pregnant mom had a hard time getting herself together and out the door, which made Eva’s ride to school arrive five minutes after everyone else had gone in. That meant that all three of us had to go in to the school to check her in because they lock the building up tight for safety reasons.

We hung her bag and coat outside the door to her classroom, stole a quick hug, and then I opened the door so she could go in. The class was in the middle of quiet carpet time with only the teacher talking and I couldn’t see any of the other students but as soon as she stepped in there was a chorus of excited voices saying “Eva!” “Eva is here!” “Hi, Eva!” “Eva, we’re so glad to see you!”. I had enough time to see Eva’s whole face light up before she disappeared into the room.

Every day, she runs toward school. Different kids pop up to grab her, chase her around the playground, or hold her hand. She helps out around the class doing random odd things that aren’t assigned to anyone which isn’t a huge surprise because Eva might actually convert praise to energy the same way plants convert sunlight and she thinks her teacher walks on water. She loves everyone at the school. Students. Librarian. Crossing guard. Everyone.

Is she learning anything? No, not yet, unless you count social discoveries and the school fight song. Working at home has pushed her forward and the curriculum isn’t quite set up to catch up with her this year. So it’s school but it’s not school school and between the three-hours-five-days-a-week schedule and the super pregnancy going on at home, her homeschooling has stalled out at the moment so her brain is getting a bit of a break. But she’s really happy so I’m happy with our decision.

And next year?

Don’t know yet. Just don’t know. But I want her brain working and right now she’s coasting free and easy so I’m anticipating either a major pick up in workload coming from her school or a fun battle of the ages when she starts doing challenging work at home again and refreshes all those feelings of frustration and/or boredom. So there’s that…

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    I’m in the SAME. EXACT. BOAT. right now, except for the pregnancy thing. We have a 1 year old. We tried 3 hour a day Kindergarten and it’s just not enough. We’re going to full-time, public school after Christmas. =\


    October 17, 2016 at 11:38 am
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