10 Holiday Gifts for Babies

Are you shopping this weekend? Life with baby boy will be keeping me indoors but I’ll be shopping the cyber sales and marking things off my list. My plan is to get a little less this year than we usually do for the holidays and to really think about what would make everyone happy, including our kids, instead of going for a lot of little things so everyone has a bunch to open. It’s going to be hard to resist buying all the stuff, especially for the newest little nugget on his first Christmas, but we’ve learned over the years that less is more when all the dust settles.

Here are a few things that I picked out if you’re buying holiday gifts for baby. I went for a range of prices depending on if you’re looking for one big gift for your grandbaby, a handful of things to fill the first Christmas stocking, or the necessary holiday gift for that infant cousin you love but don’t see all that often.

Fair disclaimer – the links below are Amazon affiliate links and some of these products were sent to me so I could consider them for the blog, including MAM pacifiers, the panda rattle, the diaper wallet, and a few Noodle and Boo items. We did get a bunch of baby stuff this time around though (with more to show you later this week) and these were the top 10 gift picks when it came down to it so I hope they help you out!


Reed & Barton Classic Piggy Bank: We’ve gotten piggy banks as gifts for all three of our kids and it’s been such a nice, useful thing to hang on to as they’ve grown up. I like this one because it’s classic but not too babyish so it wouldn’t look wildly out of place in a tween’s room years later.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer: This is wishful thinking because we’re doing the bottle thing right now with pumped milk in an effort to track what Felix is eating and we’re warming up chilled bottles by running warm water over them, which means I stand around and feel bad about wasting water at least 15 times every day. A warmer is one of those little luxuries that parents will appreciate!

MAM Glow in the Dark Pacifiers: We have a ton of this brand of pacifier because they come in all different shapes and sizes so there’s always one that will work for Felix no matter what fussy mood he’s in. I like the sweet pictures (especially on the newborn pacifiers) but these glow-in-the-dark ones are the best because it’s easy to find them when they pop out and travel around the crib.

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing: I love swings but they kind of take up a lot of space. This is a solid version that has a small footprint and a lot of resale or hand-me-down value (vs some electric ones that don’t quite make it past the first baby).

Noodle & Boo Newborn Gift Set: This is a new line for me with this baby and it won me over with simple ingredients and really delicious baby smells that don’t leave you feeling like you stuck your head inside a daycare.

aden + anais silky soft swaddle 3 pack: These are technically swaddling cloths but I prefer swaddles that come with velcro or zippers since I can’t even make burritos that stay closed. That being said, I use these soft blankets all the time as wraps or to drape over the baby/car seat to keep germs and strangers away. They’re nice and light and they wash wonderfully so you don’t have to feel bad about swiping away baby puke with the corners.

B Box Diaper Wallet in Mellow Yellow: I was introduced to this diaper wallet at the ABC Kids Expo when I went last year and it was such a simple and useful product that I was surprised everyone wasn’t making them. It holds a changing mat, diapers, and has a special easy-to-grab wipes compartment that makes diaper changes easier.

Panda Rattle by Svan: Is this not the cutest little guy? Wooden toys are great gifts because they last forever and you can never have too many. Felix is getting this one in his stocking this year, just in time for him to start working on holding things.

3 Sprouts Hooded Chicken Towel: I love hooded towels because they hang up easily and distract the kids from being wet and freezing when we pull them out of the tub. This chicken one is one of the funniest that I’ve seen and I love that it works for a baby on up through preschool.

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set: This is a great holiday gift or set for stocking stuffers because there are so many variations to keep kids interested and you can pull them out and let baby play right away while everyone is still opening gifts and enjoying the holiday.


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