25 Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Cards

Disclaimer: I received free products from Shutterfly in exchange for this holiday card feature. All thoughts and opinions below are my own.


It’s time to get your holiday cards ordered!

We’ve been using Shutterfly for our holiday cards since Eva was born (you can see her cute first Christmas photo here). We used foil-stamped cards last year and the year before to have a little something different but this year I chose one of their other styles to mix things up. They’re now offering cards that have a pop-out photo option, which was perfect because we doubled up and decided to use our Christmas cards as our baby announcements for Felix.

We picked a lovely design by Petite Lemon for Shutterfly that gave us a spot for two photos. The front of the card has a classic Christmas picture of all three kids (photo by FotoFly Santa here in Utah) and the back of the card has the year, a photo of Felix, and his birth date. I thought about including all of the traditional stuff like his height and weight, but I figured we mostly just wanted people to know that we’re now a family of five so we kept it simple!



I really like that the photo pops out of this one. My grandma needs more stuff to hang on her fridge but that whole Christmas card starts to look a little silly come February… Of course, if you’re like us you save everyone’s cards every year but I feel like most people toss them once the holiday season is over. This might mean people save little Felix’s cute face at least!



If you’re looking for a way to make your holiday cards stand out from the crowd this year, choosing the pop-out photo cards from Shutterfly is one way to go. Here are some more ideas for keeping your holiday cards fresh:

  1. Use foil or glitter stamped holiday cards.
  2. Take a photo of your family holding a sign with a holiday greeting written in your own hand.
  3. Close it up with a wax seal with your initial, a holiday-themed scratch and sniff sticker, or a strip of foil tape.
  4. If your baby is small enough, pop him/her into a stocking for a cute photo opp. You can bet I’ll be doing this before the month is out.
  5. No room to add a written note? Stick a post-it note with a little message on the back if your card just to make it a little more personal for those close friends and family.
  6. Go full on elementary school and decorate the envelopes using crayons and stickers.
  7. Pick a square card and add a mix CD of favorite holiday music. (Yes, people still use mix CDs!)
  8. Choose a holiday card that doubles as an ornament.
  9. If you don’t want to do the traditional year recap, switch it out for a list of what you’re looking forward to in the year to come.
  10. Wrap yourselves (or just your kids/pets) in Christmas lights, a big festive blanket, or an oversized sweater.
  11.  Do a 12 photo collage to showcase your year, choosing a photo from each month.
  12. Have a good holiday memory with the card recipient? Reference it in a little note to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  13. If you’re photo-shy, use one of your kid’s drawings (or your own) for your card.
  14. Baby in the house? Use paint to add a teeny handprint to the envelope or the back of the card. You could even use that as a signature!
  15. Pull out the confetti and party hats and do a New Year’s Eve themed photo to send out cards for the new year instead of a specific religious holiday.
  16. Pets in holiday hats and/or sweaters. Enough said.
  17.  Use a photo of your home, yard, or hometown that fits the season. (This is probably best done if your holiday cards are going out to people who don’t live where you live.)
  18. Use a metallic pen to doodle on the edges of your photo or card design to personalize it.
  19. Add personalized postage stamps to the envelope. shutterfly-photo-stamps
  20. Get someone familiar to dress up like Santa and pose behind the kids for a themed photo. (You might recognize Kyle’s lower half in our holiday card this year.)
  21. Wintery where you are? Blow snow at the camera or throw snow up into the air for a free photo prop that always works.
  22. Add strips of festive washi tape to perk up the envelopes.
  23. If kids won’t smile for the camera, pose them doing something active like reading a holiday book, building a snowman, or decorating cookies.
  24. Pick a printed card in an unusual shape or with interesting edges.
  25. Feeling extra generous? Throw a $5 coffee gift card into your holiday cards and you can bet yours will be the one they remember.


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