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50 Things to Be Thankful for as a Mom

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s that time of year to sit around and count your blessings. If you’re a mom, there’s a good chance that you’re too tired to get up past number four or five so I did the heavy lifting for you and put together 101 things this mom is thankful for this year:

  1. The Internet and the fact that you can Google “preschooler ate lego problem?” and get immediate answers.
  2. Being able to scroll through Instagram before bed and feel like you’re catching up with old friends even if you ran out of time to actually call anyone that day.
  3. Good husbands. Wonderful lovely helpful husbands with that nice soap and flannel husband smell.
  4. Bedtime hugs.
  5. Kids who think drying and putting away dishes is a fun game.
  6. Washable paint that’s actually washable.
  7. People who went to medical school and nursing school and all that so they can fix your kids when you can’t.
  8. The big Christmas decorations at the mall that blow your kids’ minds.
  9. Having kids in a time when bullying is out, including everyone is in, and a mom support group for your kid’s issue is only a Facebook search away.
  10. Boogie wipes, hand sanitizer, and children’s cough suppressant.
  11. That HBO didn’t let Sesame Street dry up.
  12. That Mister Rogers turned into Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.
  13. That you can find full Snoopy episodes for free on YouTube.
  14. That you can find John Legend on YouTube.
  15. Babies with good breastfeeding latch.
  16. Getting the piece of art from school that you know your kid worked really hard on with the intent to make you smile.
  17. School costume parades for Halloween.
  18. Grandparents. Yours and your kids’.
  19. Microwaveable Trader Joe’s meals.
  20. The moms you can text with gross questions who text you right back with detailed answers that are even grosser than your original inquiry.
  21. Clorox wipes and Lysol spray.
  22. Pinterest.
  23. Coffee you can make at home.
  24. Coffee that comes to your house unexpectedly in paper cups held by a friend.
  25. iPhone videos you forgot you took of your kids being teeny tiny.
  26. Listening to your kids sing along to your favorite old rock songs.
  27. Dishwashers, washing machines, bagless vacuums, and Magic Eraser sponges.
  28. All those people who wrote all those books that your kids either love or will love soon. Harry Potter! Matilda! The little vampire bunny and his friends!
  29. Public libraries.
  30. The huge leaps in car safety and car seat technology that take place every few years.
  31. GPS.
  32. The fact that stretchy, comfortable, and easy-to-wash has been the big trend in mom clothes for the last five years.
  33. Dry shampoo.
  34. Jobs that let moms work from home if they want or need to.
  35. Jobs with flexible schedules so moms can work around their kids’ school schedules.
  36. Doctor’s offices, dentists, carpet cleaners, and cab companies that let you set appointments online.
  37. Food companies that label correctly and use disclaimers for allergens.
  38. The magical uplifting shopping experience that is Target.
  39. Feeling like my kids are safe in their beds every night.
  40. Sleepy good-morning-cuddles with the kids before everyone wakes all the way up.
  41. Subscription services for diapers, printer ink, oatmeal, and all that stuff we used to run out of all the time.
  42. Kid coats with little ears on them that make children look like small bears.
  43. Being the person in the checkout line behind the mom with the screaming kids because (A) you can give her the kind “I totally understand and have been where you are” smile and (B) those aren’t your kids.
  44. Bottles of water and packs of jerky in the checkout line for when you realize that you forgot to eat breakfast or lunch because you were too busy preparing/serving/cleaning up breakfast and lunch.
  45. Baby carriers for when you have three kids and only two hands.
  46. That late night moment when they wore you out all day but you still miss them after they go to sleep and it reminds you to be patient with the inevitable spilled milk in the morning.
  47. Warehouse stores and farmers markets.
  48. Bubble baths with Netflix on the iPad.
  49. One or two nights without the kids every year just to de-mom.
  50. Whatever journey it was that got you to being a mom, no matter how bumpy or crooked or unexpected.

Enjoy the holiday!

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