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Clothes After Baby: A Postpartum Wardrobe for the Average Mom

Postpartum clothes

I’m just about two weeks postpartum and I’m happy to report that the baby weight came off a lot easier this time. I’m not back to the same shape that I was when we first found out we were expecting Felix, but the actual baby weight and water weight are all gone so that’s more than thirty pounds I no longer have to fight with. However, I still have the extra squishy bits that show up after you have a baby and since I’m exclusively nursing this time around (high fives for not having a preemie!) my wardrobe needs to be functional and comfortable or I’ll just end up wandering around in my bathrobe all day.

I bought a ton of nursing clothes when I was pregnant with Eva because I assumed I’d need a whole in-between wardrobe of shirts with hidden openings. With the exception of one shirt, all of those pieces ended up being donated to the thrift store within months of being purchased because (A) they weren’t comfortble, (B) I felt unattractive in them, and/or (C) they didn’t make nursing any easier. It turns out that you only need a few key well-made pieces for the postpartum period so knowing what to invest in will actually save you money in the long run.

My picks for a capsule postpartum wardrobe?



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