Our Mega Playdate with Nick Jr. and

Disclosure: I was compensated for attending this event sponsored by Nick Jr. and The thoughts and opinions below are my own. 


Our family had a lot of fun at Discovery Gateway recently thanks to Nick Jr. and! They hosted an Ultimate Playdate to give us a peek at some of the toys coming out for the shows Blaze and the Monster Machines and Shimmer and Shine.


We hadn’t seen the Blaze show before but it’s all trucks and cars and Calvin-ness and Shimmer and Shine is a bit of a favorite around here thanks to the cute stories and the fact that these genie friends live in a sparkly pink and purple world. It wouldn’t have mattered if we didn’t know either show, though, because the kids left as huge fans anyway thanks to the fun activities they had set up at the play date. It gave me some good ideas for our next birthday party because the projects were simple but perfect for this age range.

For the Blaze and the Monster Machines activities, they had set up some of the tracks on short tables so the kids could race the cars around. They also had a building blocks station using some of the Blaze building sets and table where you could decorate little wooden cars to take home. The big hit for Calvin was the station where you could try out the Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Transforming R/C Blaze. It’s the first remote control car that he’s been able to do on his own without help and the fact that it transforms from a monster truck to a race car at the touch of a button pretty much blew his mind. He’s now getting one for Christmas because he loved it so much!




There were more activities to celebrate Shimmer and Shine. The kids made genie pots when they first went in, which was supposed to be their first attempt at sand art but both of our kids immediately shook theirs up because that’s how they roll. They also had a crown-making station, a coloring station, and a pillowy place to try out the Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet. Kudos to my husband who put a crown on and sat down on the pillows to play genie dolls for an hour because Eva was entranced.








We had snacks, chatted with some of the other bloggers who were there, and relaxed while the kids played. After the event was over, they gave us passes to the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, which is the new favorite for both kids, and we were able to go over there for a couple of hours. I keep thinking that each outing is the last outing I can possibly go on with this huge pregnant tummy before this baby shows up but I’m so glad we made it to this one!



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