Calvin Style: Winter Boots from Pediped

Disclaimer: I received these winter boots for free in order to review them for Pediped. The thoughts and opinions below are my own. 


The snow has arrived in Salt Lake City and it brought the snow boots, snow coats, snow pants, snow hats, and a million unmatching mittens along with it. I don’t know if you remember the cute Pediped snow boots that Eva wore last year but Calvin has inherited them (thank you, well-made gender neutral boots that will last through all three kids…) and he’s been stomping around in the snow having a ball.

The only problem with the boots is that Calvin is not allowed to wear boots like that inside the classroom at his preschool. I’m not sure if it’s a safety thing or if they just don’t want the kids stomping around in snowy shoes but if they wear snow boots they are supposed to bring a second pair of shoes to change into once they get to school.

This raises two problems: (1) I have to remember to pack a whole other pair of shoes and (2) Calvin is responsible for changing his shoes without help when he’s coming/going from the classroom. At three years old, that’s not going to happen so when I had the chance to review another pair of Pediped shoes this year, we picked these awesome Flex Max boots in Navy, which pass the preschool test and the snow test all at the same time.


These shoes are technically cold weather boots made from waterproof materials to keep feet dry but they’re shorter than the traditional style of boot we got for Eva last year, which makes them easy for Calvin to put on and passes them off as hardcore sneakers for classroom purposes. They’re also machine washable and for whatever reason Calvin doesn’t seem to trip as much when he runs in these as he does when he runs around in his boots. Maybe it’s the flexibility?


I admit that when I first saw them I thought that they might not be enough shoe to really protect the boy from the snow when he’s playing because Calvin likes to really dig in and stomp around in all the high snow drifts but we’ve had no complaints. And they’re pretty cute, no? Rugged and darling all at once. I love little boy clothes.




Earnshaw’s named Pediped the best footwear brand for kids, so if you haven’t checked them out I would highly recommend it. They have a great selection of boots (including riding boots, rain boots, and the cutest little moccasin/boot hybrids for babies).

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