ECM: The Best of 2016

I did a lot of blogging this year and this is my personal top ten:

The Bookstores of Salt Lake City – Eva left town for a few days and Calvin got our full attention since Felix wasn’t even a twinkle in our eye. We used that time to hit all of our favorite bookstores and pad ye olde family library.



Salt Lake City Smog and Our Escape to Boulder, CO – Gross pollution that reached anti-Eva levels led to a truly last minute escape to Boulder, Colorado, to spend the weekend with our friends Jed and Steve. It was our only family vacation in 2016 and we loved every minute.



My Great-Grandmother’s Passage to America Through Angel Island – I didn’t get to do as much genealogy as I would have liked this year between the pregnancy and some freelance work I’ve taken on. This particular investigation into some records I got from my great-aunt was still very satisfying and now I’m dying to visit Angel Island in San Francisco some time this year.

Scan 58


Silly Monkey Cake: Banana Chocolate Fudge Deliciousness – I didn’t get to spend Calvin’s birthday with him because he was out of town and I was housebound with the pregnancy but we had a little special night at home where I made this cake (his favorite) and he opened a few gifts. I wish I could just bottle him and eat him up.

Silly monkey cake (banana fudge chocolate birthday cake made with cake mix and brownie mix)


Eva Style: Back to School with Mini Boden – My favorite sponsored post of the year was this unexpected shop with one of our favorite children’s brands. We adore their clothes and Eva wears them quite well if you don’t mind me bragging a bit…



Baby Gear: Why the Third Child is Getting All the New Stuff – Our last date night (and, honestly, maybe our only date night for 2016?) was hot dogs at the Sonic Drive In and a shopping spree to get ready for the then-not-named baby boy we were expecting. I love my kids a ton but that husband of mine is still my favorite person.

baby gear


Nursery Reveal: Our Tiny Shared Bedroom for Baby Boy – This room was a labor of love and it gave me something tangible while we were waiting for Felix. I have rough pregnancies and spent a lot of time being worried that something bad was going to happen to the little bean, but sitting in this calm space made me feel like the world was just waiting for him.



Welcome Felix Clay – And then he came.



Calvin Style: Winter Boots from Pediped – We hadn’t done a fashion post with just Calvin in forever and I couldn’t believe how big he looks when I was processing the picture. Whatever happened to my toddler??



Retro Holiday: Simple Midcentury Christmas Party for Kids – We ended the year with a little flair by doing this fun, if small, playdate/party for the holidays. Proof that kids really just need a little something to eat, a little something to do, a little something pretty to look at, and a good friend to share it with.

Christmas pajama party

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