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Personalized Holiday Gifts from Shutterfly

Disclaimer: I received products from Shutterfly for free to review them for this holiday season. The thoughts and opinions below are my own.


I’ve been ordering products from Shutterfly for a long time, but the vast majority have been holiday cards, photo prints, and mounted photos for our wall. I first learned about them when I was looking for a way to order photos online about a million years ago, but since then they’ve branched out into all sorts of items. So this year I ordered a bunch of our holiday gifts from Shutterfly and I’m thrilled with how they turned out:

Gold Metallic Mugs with Chocolate

Shutterfly has had photo mugs for a while but now you can add little chocolatey treats to them courtesy of Ghiradelli. Yay! I love the ones with the gold metallic accents and the photos turn out nice and sharp but we also got a non-photo one in a cute design just because the art was so pretty.




Photo Jewelry 

I love this option for gifts! You choose a style of jewelry and then you create personalized charms to go with it by uploading photos or choosing initial charms, birthstones, etc. I put two different pieces together using the same photos but trying to tailor each to the personal styles of the recipient and they turned out very different but equally lovely.




Wood Picture Frames

For the relatives that like updated family photos, adding a personalized wood picture frame is a nice way to elevate the photos into a gift. There are a lot of designs available on Shutterfly and many of them have cute sayings or little decorations but I went simple this year to show off our first photo as a family of five. It turned out so nice I’m going to get one to put up here at home.



Personalized Pilsner Glasses and Mason Jars

This was a new gift idea for me but I love it. There are a ton of options for glass etching and they range from simple to really elaborate. Most importantly, the glasses themselves are really nice and heavy so I’m happy that we’re gifting them. Plus, the personalization turned out so classy, don’t you think?





Canvas Tote Bag

Shutterfly has lots of tote bag options and different ways that you can personalize them, so I picked my favorite style in my favorite color and did a simple cursive personalization to set it apart. I admit that I came this close to personalizing this one with “Carly” because I saw myself rocking a new mom/library tote but ’tis the season for giving so I behaved myself…



Personalized Photo Blanket

This is another new idea for me! I chose this one after I saw a great review of the Shutterfly blanket quality from a friend of mine and she was not kidding! The photo blanket I ordered is so soft and all huge and comfy and I totally might have stolen it if my little brother’s face wasn’t plastered all over it. Note: personalizing holiday gifts is a good way to guard against stealing other people’s presents if your inner child is a selfish grinch like mine is! Seriously, though, so soft and huge and comfy.



Surprisingly, they have other designs for blankets. I wouldn’t have thought of Shutterfly for non-photo blankets but I found this one and absolutely fell in love with it. It turns out that Drew Barrymore did a home decor collaboration with Shutterfly and designed a whole collection including this cute blanket which was just as huge and soft as the other. Again, I almost stole it but I already shipped it away to save myself from temptation. Love it, though! I hope Drew randomly stumbles on my blog to know how delightful I find her blanket designs.


Shutterfly has a lot of other products and I would have ordered them all but I calmed down. Be sure to pop through to check out the personalized cutting boards, ornaments, garden stones, growlers, decanters, etc.

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