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Using the Moodivator App to Help With Depression Management

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You may know somebody who struggles with depression. In the United States, 15.7 million adults struggle with at least one depressive episode every year. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all of those people are getting consistent treatment however, since more than a third of the people who received treatment last year reported persisting unmet treatment needs.



One of the rough things about depression is that a lot of the burden of treating depression is on the shoulders of the person who may or may not be in the middle of a depressive episode. There are a lot of different ways to treat depression including talk therapy, support groups, medication, and personal wellness plans, but the first step for all of those is being aware that you’re struggling with depression and deciding to take action to move yourself to a better place. That can be a lot to ask of someone who is fighting that battle, especially when you think about the fact that many people fight that battle all the time.

The new Moodivator app isn’t a treatment for depression, but it’s an app that supports people with depression by giving them a place to log their moods, set goals, and track their progress every day. The basic goal is to encourage people with depression to use their smart phone as a tool to be consistently active in the management of their condition, which is that huge first step. It’s also pretty open-ended so it’s easy to customize the app to the specific things that make you feel better.

When I first started using it, I was worried that it would be all touchy-feely exercises like writing notes to yourself, but instead I’m able to use it to log my moods and set small specific goals that actually work with my life (i.e. getting the laundry put away and answering my email vs. running a 5K this weekend or attending a group therapy session). Those small tasks can feel overwhelming when they pile up so tracking them is very helpful but since it’s all on my phone I can do it easily and privately on my own.


There is a function that lets you share your progress with your support network through charts that track your activity in the app, so if you’re involved in a treatment plan that involves getting help from other people I’m sure that could be a real asset. It’s also free to download from the iTunes store and there’s no sign up or anything that needs to happen, so you can start using it immediately.

Moodivator video

The Moodivator app is not a treatment for depression and does not take the place of your doctor’s care or advice. This app also includes information about a prescription treatment option for depression.

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