Being Carly

One Mom Turning 34

Today is my 34th birthday.


I’ve had 34 years so far. I’ve traveled all around. I’ve had a million great conversations. I’ve listened to my favorite albums over and over again. I’ve laughed to the point of tears in a hundred movie theaters. I’ve spent a few thousand days smiling at my husband. I’ve pulled all-nighters. I’ve¬†cooked feasts. I’ve had my toes in two oceans. I married my favorite person. I’ve felt the first butterfly kicks of three babies. I’ve even loved hard enough to outlast grief.

I am one of the lucky and I know it and even though it’s tempting sometimes to list all the things I don’t have (yet) and all the things I haven’t done or haven’t learned or haven’t gotten over, in this world today I am feeling especially lucky and tonight I’ll celebrate in my little house with my little family and feel grateful for a million things including you, friend. So happy my birthday to you!

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