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Playlist: Sing-Along Songs for Parents

Note that I titled this one “Sing-Along Songs for Parents” and not “Sing-Along Songs for Kids” – an important distinction because there are a bazillion albums out there that your kids would love to sing-along to but only a fraction of those are tolerable on repeat for the third week in a row during rush hour when everyone is hungry and someone is kicking your seat.

I take music pretty seriously because I swear the right song can keep me from turning into Mr. Hyde so I present to you my top 10 albums for parents who like their kids and also their sanity:

Children’s Favorites /// This is an album put out by Disney but it’s classic kid songs, not Disney songs. (Think Three Blind Mice, etc.) It says that it was released in 2008 on Amazon, but it’s the exact album I used to listen to on my little yellow and white cassette tape when I was little so I don’t know what that’s about. Whenever they made it, it’s the best non-annoying way to learn all of the words to those songs every elementary school kid is supposed to know.

Moana /// Speaking of Disney, the Moana soundtrack is pretty awesome. I’ve been listening to it whether the kids are in the car or not. There are only 5-6 singable songs but they’re worth the album purchase in my opinion.

You Are My Little Bird /// Two Elizabeth Mitchell albums are making this list. This is the first one I got and the whole thing is completely lovely and easy for kids to sing along to even though some of the songs aren’t in English. She has such a calming voice – this one is great for long road trips.

You Are My Sunshine /// Slightly less singable than the previous album but with a few everyone-should-know-them stars, this is my other favorite Elizabeth Mitchell album. (For the record, we have and love everything she’s put out.)

Miss Ella’s Playhouse /// The Miss Ella they are referring to here is Ella Fitzgerald and this album is a collection of children’s songs sung by the jazz queen herself. I adore Ella Fitzgerald and this album is second only to the one she did with Louis Armstrong singing Gershwin songs (which isn’t so much a kids album but is definitely something you should own).

Here Comes Science /// They Might Be Giants has a whole series of albums for kids and most of them are semi-educational but this science themed album is both catchy and wildly informational. I know more about speed and velocity from this album than I ever learned in school.

Best of the Land of Nod Store Music Vol. 1 /// Winning the award for the silliest album title, this one is surprisingly easy to listen to and has a little something for everyone. It’s pretty upbeat but not obnoxious or too repetitive so it’s good background music for a children’s birthday party (especially on the younger side).

Whaddaya Think of That? /// This album by The Laurie Berkner Band came very close to not making the list because it does get a little annoying if it’s on repeat for too long BUT I’m talking three straight months of listening only to this album because I got lazy this summer and never switched it out. I’m including it because you might be less lazy than I am and also this is my kids’ favorite albums out of all of the ones we own.

The Singable Songs Collection /// I grew up with Raffi so while some people might be annoyed by his super-PBS-friendly voice, I find it kind of soothing. This collection is great and full of short songs that make your littles feel accomplished because they know all the words. Little side note: there are quite a few slave songs mixed in here so if you have an issue with that this is not the collection for you.

Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George /// To wrap it up, the chillest album of them all. Jack Johnson sings these songs with the occasional guest artist and it’s such a lovely and mellow album that I’m pretty sure my kids have never heard the end of it. They’re always knocked out by the 6th or 7th song and then I’m just cruising around enjoying the silence. Just make you sure you listen to this one with coffee so you aren’t too mellowed out to drive.

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