Felix at Three Months

Poor little Bug Bug. His older siblings were on the blog non-stop during the first few months of their lives but Felix has gotten a little drowned out by all of the activities and outings and crafts we’ve been doing. It’s because he’s just quiet and gives me no trouble. He’s such a good little baby that sometimes I set him down and honestly forget about him for a while! I know, I know, sad third kid syndrome.

I do photograph the little bean all the time but usually it’s just fifty or so iPhone photos a day. Today I pulled the big camera out and really focused on him. Oh, that face! His smile is everything. Nobody has ever been so cute.

Things I don’t want to forget about Felix:

/// I swear he can say, “hi!” He tries so hard to talk when we talk to him and he can usually get a couple of “hi” sounds out before he gets too excited and just starts sticking his tongue out and waving his arms.

/// He lights up with a smile whenever he sees me or Kyle. Or Eva. Or Calvin. Or my mother. OK, whenever he sees another human he lights up with a smile.

/// The little teddy bear suit that was so big on him in the beginning is starting to get downright tight. I think he likes it because he sleeps so well when we let him nap as a bear! I love to cuddle him in it and feel the stubby little tail under my hand.

/// He tries so hard to grab the animals on his crib mobile as it goes around and I swear he’s getting closer every day. Pretty soon that zebra is going down.

/// He’s got  big old completely bald spot on the back of his head surrounded by dark hair. He also usually has a scratch or two on his nose because it took me a little too long to get to him for his morning feed.

/// He’s got stinky little boy feet whenever he’s been out in his plaid snow boots.

/// He’s amazed by blowing raspberries. I can stop any fit just by blowing a few raspberries.

/// He’s almost rolling over. So close. And I swear there are teeth right there below the surface. It’s going so fast!

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