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Gift Ideas for Your Little Valentines

Disclaimer: I received the gifts you see below for free in exchange for sharing them with you in this post. The thoughts below are my own.

It’s February, which means Valentines Day is coming up. Valentine’s Day was always kind of a big deal when I was growing up because my parents made a thing out of getting me a special card and gift in the hearts-and-pink-glitter theme. Most of the time it was those big ridiculous heart-shaped candy boxes but occasionally it was a stuffed animal or a pink book and one memorable year it was a troll doll with heart boxers on and that pretty much was the pinnacle for me.

I know people talk about how this one isn’t even “really” a holiday and it’s silly to make a big thing about it but I don’t know. I feel like this is the one where you can be cheesy off the charts and it’s all just fun. For that reason, I do make sure that we hang the hearts up and the kids get special cards and something red or pink to open on February 14th.

This year I got lucky because a group of sponsors reached out early to see if I was interested in anything on their gift list for my three valentines and yes, yes I was! Luckily they had a little something to cover my kindergartener, my preschooler, and the baby.

Eva D got a sweetheart of her own with her Doll Liese from HABA. She has red chenille hair and pink tights with pink shoes and because she’s all cuddly she immediately became the greatest doll Eva has ever received. I will say this: the kid has a lot of dolls but every single one of them is welcomed with first-doll-ever excitement and they always spend about a month or two being the thing that Eva carries everywhere.

(Also, I realize that there are a million pictures here but that’s not my fault. It’s just that my kids are so cute. Plus, the brands I work with are always hoping I’ll share a photo of their product with my kid and I have contain myself because I would share sixty photos of my kids every day if it wouldn’t make me the most obnoxious person ever.)

Calvin got a red roll of InRoad Toys Classic Road PlayTape, along with a wide black roll and some corner stickers. InRoad PlayTape is basically lightly-sticky tape (completely removable) that you use to create roads for your toy cars. I wasn’t totally sure that he was going to be able to do it himself because he’s only three and sometimes he has epic fights with the scotch tape dispenser, but he got the hang of it quickly and then he and his sister made a little city. They even added blocks and made a restaurant with a car elevator, so this was a creative way to keep them busy for a good hour!

And, finally, Cheeks McGee got this cute Heart to Heart pacifier chain (also from HABA). I admit it was more of a Valentine’s Day photo prop for Mama in the beginning but it arrived just about a week after Felix mastered the it’s-funny-to-watch-Mom-scramble-for-my-pacifier-after-I-spit-it-out game so it’s been a bit of a lifesaver. Why do babies think that’s so hilarious? I mean, they want those things to stay in their mouths…why spit it out and then shriek at me? I didn’t do it! You’re the one spitting it out!!!

Anyway, it’s making it a lot easier to win at “Find the Paci”.

Is he not the cutest? I could eat him.

Don’t wait too long on those Valentine’s Day gifts because 2017 is flying by and it will be here before you know it! I’ll be sharing one or two other traditions in the next few days to keep it on your brain…

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