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Salt Lake Family: Hill Air Force Museum

Museum at Hill Air Force Base

The Hill Aerospace Museum at Hill Air Force Base is one of those Salt Lake City family outings that most people have done at least once but never think about. An obvious choice for plane enthusiasts, the museum doesn’t have much in the way of family-focused entertainment (no playgrounds or fancy flight simulators here) so even though it’s free admission (donation suggested) and a short drive from Salt Lake City it isn’t usually too crowded.

That being said, I think it’s a little underrated because there’s a ton to look at (more than you’d even think) and the place is well-staffed with volunteers who are happy to chat and ask questions. There’s also a nice area set up for coloring and folding/flying paper airplanes so if you do your homework (i.e. check out the teacher/student resources page provided by the museum), you can turn this into a fun and educational outing. Sadly, I did not do my research for our last trip up there so we failed to create functional gliders and our kids spent their coloring time doing self portraits instead of airplane sketches. Even so, it was a pretty great way to spend a late winter Saturday and the kids have already asked to go back.

Hill Aerospace Museum

Airplane at Hill Air Force Base

Air Force Museum in Salt Lake City

Fun museum outing in Salt Lake City

Weekend activity in Salt Lake City

Day trip from Salt Lake City to the Air Force museum

Family outing to Hill Air Force Base

Kid activities at Hill Air Force Base

The museum is located about 25 minutes north of downtown Salt Lake City and it’s surrounded by places to grab a bite to eat, although I’d recommend bringing a picnic lunch if it’s a nice day. Little tip: call the gift shop at the museum before you head up just to make sure they’re open. Sometimes they have to close down depending on security happenings and what the national threat level is and for some reason the only phone number that consistently gets answered is that line to the gift shop.

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