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Using the Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker to Track Contractions

Disclaimer: I received this service for free in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts below are my own. 

I can’t believe that Felix is three months old and here we are only about a week and a half from him being four months old. What?? I feel like I found out that we were having a third baby about ten minutes ago…

You might remember that I have a history of rough pregnancies. For this reason, I positively jumped on the Bloomlife smart pregnancy tracker when I heard about it. It’s a contraction monitor that you wear on your stomach and it tracks the strength and length of your contractions and graphs them out on a smartphone app for you. I reached out to see if they would let me try it out and then spent the rest of my third trimester pretty obsessed with my uterus.

Wearable contraction monitor

Wearing the Bloomlife smart pregnancy tracker

Tracking contractions with the Bloomlife pregnancy tracker

In all honesty, I was only about 60% sure that the monitor would work because (1) nobody had anything like it on the market except the people making hospital equipment and (2) I’m not thin even when I’m not pregnant so I thought the little tracker might not be able to find my contractions. To be fair, when I’m pregnant I’m pretty much all pregnant belly but I was still happily surprised when it picked up contractions as soon as I had them and even picked up some smaller ones I didn’t know I was having.

I only wore it for about twenty minutes at a time most of the time but the kit that comes with the little tracking device included a stack of stickers and the stickers were reusable for about five times so I didn’t worry about running out. The service works like a subscription and you pay by the month and then return it so it’s not as expensive as it would be if every pregnant woman needed to buy their own tracker.

Bloomlife sticker and wearable contraction monitor

Using the Bloomlife contraction monitor during the third trimester

The one thing I will say is that I had crazy contractions starting from about week 30 and by the time I got to week 35 they were so constant that it wasn’t even worth using the Bloomlife monitor because it just lit up as one big contraction whenever I had it on. (Felix was born at 37 weeks.) I don’t think that would be a problem for most women because that irritable uterus thing isn’t that common and I had a cerclage that kept labor from progressing even with all of those contractions BUT that’s something to keep in mind if you have those issues because you might want to start the service a little earlier than other moms.

Contractions tracked on the smartphone app

If you’re on the fence about signing up to use the Bloomlife smart pregnancy tracker, I would say that if you feel a lot of anxiety about recognizing the signs and being in charge of knowing exactly what’s going on, the app makes it a lot easier. Personally I think there’s so much pressure on moms to understand their own body and be able to tell if something is “normal” even if they’ve never been pregnant before. The app lets the mom (and her partner/family/doctor) see the stats graphed in the app in a way that makes them easy to read and understand so you feel more informed.

I talked more about my experience with the tracker during my third trimester in my review video:

To learn more about the Bloomlife pregnacy tracker, you can visit their website or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Reducing pregnancy anxiety with the smart contraction monitor

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