House Tour: Our First Family Home

Six years ago on a rather soggy day I stepped into this house for the first time with my mom and my friend, Jessica. I was too pregnant for words with fat ankles and a huge puffy coat that wouldn’t zip and the only thing I really remember about the day is that Jess kept trying to sell me on the house but I knew from the minute I saw it that it had to be ours. At least for a while.

And now I spent the morning taking some of the art down from the walls, putting sticky notes on things I need to sell in the next couple of weeks, and wiping at the little handprints that color the bottom third of every single wall.

I thought I’d do a home tour, partly for you but mostly for me. I didn’t pick up or anything because there’s a certain level of Pinterest-ness that is simply out of reach at this point so why not have a few dirty socks thrown in for good measure? I’m also including the original photos I took to show the house to Kyle a million years ago before we positively stuffed this home with children.

And there you have it – a photo essay on how exactly you fit two parents and three children into a 2 bedroom 1 bath home. Realistically, a more minimalist approach would have given us more breathing room and I think I only just realized that we probably need to reduce our stuff-on-the-wall ratio a little bit in our next home because our entire house looks like someone’s crazy refrigerator door but I will definitely retain some warm fuzzies about this one. All the heart emojis, right here.

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