Where am I? (Surviving Seasons of Change)

I don’t like roller coasters very much (even the Disney ones!) and my absolute least favorite are the roller coasters that are dark enough that you can’t see where you’re going. I can appreciate the fact that they’re supposed to be fun and it’s all safe and someone else is taking care of the details, but when I’m on them I’m just bracing for that crash the whole time. The loss of control is not fun for me.

This is kind of like that. Nothing bad is happening, which is great because the last time there was a little radio silence on the blog I came back with “hey, who wants to talk about baby brain surgery?” so let’s not do that again. No, everything is actually really good. School is wrapping up for Miss Eva, the baby is getting used to his new helmet, Calvin is Calvin, and we get the keys to our new house in a couple of days. After the eleven apartments that have made up my adult years, this is the first time that the whole kit and caboodle will be ours because even in our current house we don’t have access to the basement and we have to check in if we want to change anything. Now we can paint and paper and lay down flooring and update plumbing and buy appliances. So in the next two weeks we’re painting and papering and laying down new flooring and updating our plumbing and installing our new appliances.

It’s great. It’s seriously fantastic.

It’s just…

Do you know what I mean when I say that even good changes make me uneasy? I really like “the known” and three months ago I knew that this summer would have us living here in the house, running around the city with a non-helmet-wearing-baby, and getting both older kids ready to start a new year at the local schools. Now it’s all new and the plans are different and it’s great but I’m doing that roller coaster thing where I’m having fun really but any time the cars want to come to a stop in a nice well-lit area that would be peachy keen, jellybean.

Anyway, it’s going to be so good. Soon. I miss you, random silent Internet friends! I hope your Spring is wrapping up nicely!

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