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Calvin is Almost Four Years Old

This boy is almost four years old!

I like to take portraits of the kids near their birthdays but Calvin has hit that oh so fun age of hamming it up and being ridiculous whenever I pull out the camera. Although I love his silly monkey face, I wanted at least a few pictures of Calvin just being Calvin so I pulled a little mom trickery last night and took him out on a date (camera in tow) under the pretense of shopping for his birthday.

He chose to grab dinner at In-N-Out and head to Target, where he skipped over the plates, banners, and balloons that I suggested and went straight for the piñata. I don’t know if it was the bright colors, the friendly face, or the fact that he might be able to smash it to bits soon but he’s crazy about that piñata. Who knows?

We actually had a great time and it reminded me that I should pop out with the kids one at a time more often. We had some good conversations (what is grass made out of?) and we got to chat about the menu he wants for his party (pancakes, spray cheese, ice cream). We even took our time to browse through the toy aisles at Target and he snuck a clearance toy into the basket because I’m a big pushover around birthdays. Plus, his cute face. Hard to argue with this cute face.

Happy almost-birthday to my funny hug monster! May you always be quick to laugh, beautiful boy. Four!!!!!

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