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Entertain Your Kids on a Three Day Weekend: 25 Ideas

5 outing ideas:

/// It’s the last open weekend for most of the local pools unless you live along the southern edge of America. Head out for a dip while you still can!

/// Google search for street art in your city and have an impromptu portrait session (your phone camera is fine). Little hint – evening hours and long shadows are your friend here, so don’t go out at noon.

/// The farmer’s markets will be gone before we know it. Find one.

/// Hit three different donut shops early (early!) Saturday morning since your school-scheduled kids will be up anyway. Bring samples from all three back for a taste test and have a family discussion about which donuts are the best in town. If early isn’t your thing, make it a lunchtime or dinnertime outing and compare chicken strips, french fries, etc.

/// Go pick out a new shade of nail polish and let the kids give you a mani/pedi. Extra credit if you return the favor.


5 reading ideas:

/// Use a dry erase marker to write letters on the side of duplo blocks and “build” words, switching out letters to find rhymes.

/// Let the kids do an ABC scavenger hunt using your phone camera to take pictures of letters around your house, the park, the mall, etc. They have to go in order and find all 25.

/// Go to the local library and read a few books out loud from the “librarian recommends” display. They know their stuff.

/// Take a blanket to a quiet park or school campus, find some shade, and enjoy an Audible book on your phone. For family moments, we really like listening to Stockard Channing read all the Ramona books.

/// Read them to sleep one night, staying up as late as you have to. Be sure to pick a book that’s not too exciting, though.


5 building ideas:

/// Get all the coins in the house together and stack them in tall towers according to which type of coin you’ve got. (This is a good reminder to turn the coins in to the Coinstar machine when you’re finished.)

/// Head to the grocery store and tell them they’re in charge of making a salad for the family dinner. Let them pick out all the produce, fixin’s (bacon/croutons/dried fruit), and dressing. Then have them help you wash and chop everything up at home. This level of participation is the only way my kids eat salad.

/// Make an outdoor blanket fort large enough to eat lunch in (everyone!).

/// Gather all of the extra cardboard boxes in the house (leaving bags of cereal in the pantry if you post) and make a robot friend together as a family.

/// Add paint, glitter, sequins, beads oil, etc. to bottles filled with water to make your own stress relievers. Shake the bottles and watch everything settle slowly while your anxious insides settle as well.

5 moving ideas:

/// Put wet rags on the floor and have your kids slide them around with their feet to mop up. Make sure they get the corners (and don’t get hurt sliding like crazy!).

/// Walk around your neighborhood with a clipboard, paper, and pencil and try to draw a map of where you are.

/// Run through a yoga routine on YouTube. If yoga is too slow to keep your kids’ interest, look for “Mousercize” and do one of those. Don’t worry – Kelly will give you a good workout!

/// Google search for a new playground in your area, pack a picnic dinner, and play while the sun goes down.

/// Frisbee + empty field at the local school. Just don’t try to go on Saturday morning or you’ll hit all the soccer games.


5 helping ideas:

/// See what your community is doing for the people in Texas and find a way to contribute as a family, whether you’re shopping or sorting or having the kids make cards of thanks/encouragement.

/// Have an hour long “kindness mission” where your kids spend an hour trying to be kind to as many people as possible. Keep track of how many kind things are done. (This works really well at the mall for some reason – maybe it’s the Muzak?)

/// Take plastic gloves and plastic bags and walk around your neighborhood/school/park picking up trash. Be sure to remind your kids that they should never pick up things like broken glass!

/// Write letters to friends, relatives, etc. just to say hi. You can also write a note to this year’s teachers letting them know how the year is going so far and any thoughts you want to share.

/// Start thinking about thinning toy collections since the holidays will be here before you know it and take donations to Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you search, there should be a drop box close to you!


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