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Little Moments (and Little Snacks) with My Little Guy

This post was sponsored by Nabisco as part of an Integrated Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Those of you who follow my private Instagram account might have noticed my preschool SOS last week following a meeting with Calvin’s teacher. He’s having a rough time in preschool, not because he doesn’t want to be there but because he’s so excited to be there that he shouts and wiggles and grabs and forgets about things like personal space. We’re all working with him, but it made me a stress ball because I’m desperate for this to work out since he needs a new place to put all that energy.

After a lot of chatting and reflection, we realized that so many things in Calvin’s life have changed over the last year or so, a big one being that he used to have a lot of one on one time with Kyle or me and now he’s usually sharing that time with his sister or brother (or both!). That, combined with the fact that he’s four years old, has gotten him into the habit of fighting for our attention by doing things like shouting and grabbing and jostling for a place right in the center. So, we’ve made it a new resolution to carve out some Calvin time every week.

This week, my time was made extra special because we had the chance to try out a new bear-shaped cookie called TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks and we turned it into a special mission: find the snacks at Walmart, check them out, and see how delicious these bears really are. Calvin was only too happy to be on my “cookie team” for this one.

Finding them wasn’t hard since they were in the snack aisle with the other Teddy Grahams and we know right where those are. Of course, it helped that they were placed exactly at four-year-old eye level. Well played, Walmart. Well played.

I was surprised to see how large these guys were, only because I’m so used to the teeny teddies we usually buy. These are a good-sized snack and you can either get them with chocolate filling or with vanilla filling (we bought both) but in our expert cookie tasting opinion the outside cake-ish part is very similar no matter which way you go. I like the ones with the chocolate filling because I think the little vanilla-looking bear faces are so cute.

As you can see, they’re individually wrapped, which is my favorite thing about them because they’ve been a great thing to throw into my purse or diaper bag and one snack is totally satisfying since they aren’t tiny. Plus, they don’t melt and you don’t have to worry about the bag of snacks spilling everywhere if the kids are eating them in the car (seriously, I will pull pretzels out of the backseat for the rest of my life) so these bears quickly turned into my go-to. I should mention that they don’t have any high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors/flavors. The ingredients are all things that make sense when you think about making cookies (milk, eggs, chocolate, etc.).

The other half of my cookie team is a fan, by the way. I wasn’t worried about it since he’s grown up on Teddy Grahams crackers but I think the size for him is particularly satisfying. He’s also got a real thing about eating the ears first. Apparently the ears are the best part, if you were wondering…

We had a good long chat during our time together while we shared cookies and Calvin told me all about preschool and how much he loves it and how he has a hard time keeping his wiggles in but his teachers remind him. We were able to come up with some new strategies to keep the wiggles contained (easier since he didn’t feel like he was in trouble) and he’s had a great week so far. Plus, it was really nice to have time to just chat with him. He’s so funny!

It’s so crazy to think about how fast his baby and toddler time flew by. I mean, I guess it was fast with Eva but at the same time the first year of her life was just all-consuming 24/7 focus on the baby and everything she did was amazing/precious/scary/funny because we had never been parents before. Calvin, on the other hand, somehow grew up out of nowhere while I was trying to get Eva ready for school, deal with Felix’s pregnancy, and navigate a hundred other speed bumps. Now he’s this little man in his own little world and I’m trying to hang on to every “baby boy” moment I have left before he’s off to all-day school as well.

You’d think that would all make me sad, but instead I’m just so grateful that we’re able to carve out this little bit of time to share a cookie or a walk or a chat without anything amazingly spectacular going on. These stolen hand-in-hand evenings are everything I wanted when I thought about having kids. I am one lucky mama.

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