Our Amazon Links (How You Guys Help Us Buy Kid Books)

We have a bit of a book problem in this house. Book storage has gotten better ever since I figured out how to let go of books that don’t “bring me joy” after I’ve finished reading them. Even with the constant bags headed to Big Brothers Big Sisters we still end up with lots of books floating around because we’re constantly finding things on Amazon that are too amazing not to buy. And, to be fair, the kids are happy little readers who love ripping into Amazon packages to find out what topic we’ll be talking about today.

The only downside, of course, is spending all of our money on Amazon. That, my friends, is where you’ve come in.

You might have noticed the disclaimers I’ve put on the occasional shopping roundup that let you know that I’m using Amazon affiliate links. What you might not know is that (1) I don’t have any incentive to recommend things that I don’t think you’ll like because that will just make you not trust me and (2) when you use those links anything else you buy from Amazon still gives me a little bit of credit. So, once a month, I get a gift card for Amazon credit made up of all those pennies from purchases you’ve made after clicking one of my links. And that’s how we afford our library. And our art supplies. And Christmas.


I’m leaving a link at the top of my sidebar, literally to make it easier for my mom to find it, and just wanted to let you know what was up with the link. You shopping Amazon through the link = Eva reading everything Beverly Cleary ever wrote. You shopping for Halloween decor through the link = Calvin owning every Magic Tree House book. You shopping Black Friday through the link = our entire Christmas.

Seriously, you guys. Thank you.


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