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Everyday Jogger: Checking out the BOB Rambler Stroller

Disclaimer: We received a free BOB Rambler so we could test it out and let you know what we thought. The thoughts and opinions below are my own.

We’ve been using the new BOB Rambler stroller for the past month and it’s now my favorite stroller the brand offers. Don’t worry, I can speak with confidence there because this is the third BOB stroller we’ve had! We bought the double when Calvin was a baby and I decided to start marathon training and then dropped to a single when Eva got bigger and it wasn’t as much fun pushing the two around. The downside to both is that we have to take the wheels off the strollers in order to fit it in the back of our Hyundai, but no other stroller matches the suspension of BOB strollers so it’s worth the extra work.

We’ve been using both the double and the single regularly enough that they have a place in the garage next to our sit-and-stand multiple child stroller, our folds-up-super-tight portable stoller, and our big-flat-baby-boat infant stroller since the jogging strollers are a little too unwieldy for museums, the sit-and-stand isn’t comfortable for the baby sleeping, the portable isn’t really comfortable for anyone, blah blah blah.

What we did not have was an easily portable lay-flat stroller that we could jog with OR use for outings to the science museum. And now we do.

At first glance, I wasn’t convinced that the BOB Rambler could actually pass for an everyday stroller because it’s very similar in shape to the regular BOB jogging strollers and it has the exact same feel (good suspension, air-filled tires, kick brake). However, after taking it to the ABC Kids Expo and running it through museums, jogging trails, pumpkin patches, shopping malls, and one crowded back-to-school night I can say that the smaller wheels and tighter dimensions make a huge difference.

The fold is easy and tight enough to fit in the back of our sedan (with groceries!) without me having to disassemble anything. The seat doesn’t go all the way flat but it’s closer than anything else we have besides the pram-style strollers and the baby sleeps very soundly thanks to the shock absorption and the full shade. When the front wheel is locked it runs just like the other jogger strollers, but unlocked it’s perfectly easy to maneuver.

Perfect? No. You still have to buy the snack tray and the cup holder storage separately from the stroller and I purposefully didn’t move ours over from the other models because I wanted to try to use the stroller by itself. As a result, I kept “storing” stuff on top of the shade above the baby and I was a full week in before I realized that this meant the stuff was low enough to be sitting on my kid’s head. Of course, if you don’t have a humongous baby like I do or you’re not too lazy to hold your own phone, you won’t have this problem. Plus, even if you buy the accessories, the price tag for this one is lower than the regular joggers.

Side note – if you’re truly looking for something you’ll use for running 90% of the time, I’m still going to push the BOB Revolution FLEX Lunar stroller that I saw at ABC Kids. It’s more expensive and bulkier so you’re not going to be able to run it through crowds easily like you can with the Rambler, but the adjustable handlebar makes it a more comfortable run for parents of different heights and that ultra reflective fabric is a great boost for safety when running in low light.

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    Hi! This review is exactly what I was looking for thank you! Do you have experience with the rambler in sand?

    March 25, 2018 at 11:40 am
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