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FotoFly Santa

Attraction: Fotofly Santa photos
Address: Multiple locations
Cost: 2 poses for $35
Close to: depends on the location

We’ve done Santa photos with FotoFly twice and had two slightly different experiences but the overall takeaway was the same: it’s crazy and fast and chaotic and you can’t bet everything that you’ll get amazing photos BUT it’s a good cheap shot in the dark at getting that Christmas card photo you’ve always wanted.

The basic idea is that for $35 your kids can get photos with Santa. The trick is that Santa is likely to be you dressed up in Santa suit – an idea that’s supposed to make it less likely that your kids will scream bloody murder when presented with a stranger in a red suit. That works but it’s also a little confusing for little kids and there does seem to be a Santa that can step in if he needs to although honestly I’ve never seen anyone use that option.

The biggest downside to this type of session is that it’s incredibly fast and you don’t have a lot of control over timing, environment, or the skills of the photographer. The first time I did it we got a fantastic photographer but I had a slightly uncooperative not-quite-one-year-old and we really couldn’t do more than the one pose. The second time we had a photographer who didn’t really know what she was doing and the room was so noisy with other families that the kids couldn’t hear her direction. But at the end of the day, the photos were pretty cute both times.

After you get Santa photos there is an opportunity for the kids to actually sit with the FotoFly Santa and do the whole “what do you want for Christmas” thing. That’s a great plus if you don’t have any other encounters planned and you don’t want to pay the insane prices for the mall Santas. The kids were excited to get their little candy canes and pass along their Christmas lists.

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