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Chuck E. Cheese’s

Attraction: Chuck E. Cheese’s 
Address:389 W. 1830 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Cost: Varies depending on tokens and food
Close to: downtown Salt Lake City

I won’t lie, Chuck E. Cheese’s makes me a little crazy. I have memories of chaotic birthday parties full of loud noises and blinking video games so it took me a while before I took the kids in to the Chuck E. Cheese’s in Salt Lake City.

I will say this: it was cleaner, quieter, and more fun than I had remembered it. And the kids are obsessed. It’s the greatest place they’ve ever been. They can’t stop talking about it.

Now, the food is only so-so, although we were able to get food allergy information on the menu items very quickly and everything there is perfectly suited to preschool tastes so the kids ate plenty. Also, the value of the prizes you get compared to what you spend on tokens to get them is…frustrating, I would say, but then again you’re really paying for the play time and not the little rubber bouncy balls you leave with. Plus, again, the value of that plastic stuff was pure gold in the kids’ eyes.

There was a small separate area of games suited to the toddler with a soft play structure for him to climb on and the rest of the games are geared toward elementary school ages. I wouldn’t go too old on these (I think kids would be bored at 9 or 10 years old, especially if you have limited tokens) but there were games for every taste and my husband and I had fun ourselves trying our hand at the old classics like Skee Ball.

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