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Winter Olympics Family Fun with Little Kids

Disclaimer: I received the products in this post for free from Oriental Trading Company so I could share them with you. The thoughts and opinions below are my own.

Olympics!!!! Did you see that Chloe Kim got gold? Her dad holding the sign made me tear up!

I’m lucky enough to have lived in two Olympic cities. I was in Los Angeles for the ’84 Summer Olympics and in 2002 I lived here in Salt Lake City for the Winter Olympics and I actually got to SEE STUFF. Torch. Athletes. Snowy people flying around doing exciting stuff.

We’ve been getting the kids into the Olympic spirit, which isn’t too hard since the Olympics are awesomesauce. We headed up to the Utah Olympic Park where some of the athletes train and the kids got to check out the little museum up there. We even saw some local athletes practicing their jumps.


Our outing gave us a good moment to talk about everything the athletes do to get ready for the Olympic games and how many of those athletes had to get healthy starting at a very young age (5! 6!) so they could start practicing. The kids got very excited at the thought of starting their speed skating careers early.

I got a few health and fitness activities to celebrate the Winter Olympics from Oriental Trading Company. We started with healthy foods, which meant starting with figuring out what foods go in the different food groups. I got these MyPlate food sorting boxes so that the kids could do hands on learning and it was really interesting to realize that they didn’t actually know that there was a difference between protein, grains, dairy, etc.

I started by letting them pick five foods to put on their pretend plate and then we looked at the foods they picked compared to the recommendations printed on the back of the box. Eva cheated a bit since she’s gotten the MyPlate food talk at school so she had five balanced foods but Calvin naturally picked all fruit and carbs and yumminess and then had to reevaluate. The fun thing was that we had dinner right after and he did actually put all five food groups on his plate. I mean, he still only ate the fruit and carbs, but baby steps!

The other family activity was even better. We got Fitness Bingo but since the kids are a little competitive these days (and definitely not in a fun way), I hacked it so that we pull fitness cards to complete a Bingo card as a family. Each big kid has to do whatever fitness challenge comes up on the card and when they’re finished, they get to “win” the big cheesy gold medal we picked up and it’s time for the other kid to compete again. It’s my favorite game we’ve ever played together because it saps their energy and they’re all happy and calm after.

Once the Bingo card is complete, the whole family wins the chance to play the International Games Disc Drop game that I picked up (think Olympics Plinko), which is currently my kids’ favorite thing in the world. They’re so sure that they’ve mastered the board and figured out how to get gold every time (which is, of course, not true but thousands of Price is Right contestants have foolishly believed the same thing so…).

I hope your family is enjoying the 2018 Winter Olympics as much as ours is! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!!!

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