10 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

I took this photo last summer and somehow an entire year passed between then and now and suddenly people are talking Pumpkin Spice and I’m making Back to School book lists.

IMG_4428 700

Parenthood seems to be stealing my days away and I’m losing entire seasons much too quickly. So, before this summer ends, I’m officially putting this to-do list out into the universe so I can get one last burst of summer vacation before we all put on our boots and sweaters.

1 /// Head to the farmer’s market to buy 1 bouquet, 1 paper bag of produce, and 1 styrofoam plate with some sort of ethnic food cooked in the back of a truck.

2 /// Watch the sunset on the porch with my husband and a glass of wine.

3 /// Take the kids on a day trip to some place they’ve never been to, picnic in tow.

4 /// Lay on the grass on a blanket, reading a book while my husband entertains my children somewhere far far away.

5 /// Take a night run with the family.

6 /// Take the kids to either a rodeo, a county fair, or some kind of ethnic festival.

7 /// Paint the kids faces.

8 /// Make strawberry ice cream.

9 /// Hit a late movie with my husband.

10 /// Get a shake from Iceberg, drive to my old elementary school, and eat ice cream while the kids play.

Question is…what should we do first?

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