Saturday at Wheeler Farm


Some days I would very much like to live somewhere else. I run my fingers over all the travel guides that we’ve hung onto over the years and I start daydreaming about what it would be like to wake up in a different state, shop at a country farmer’s market, drive the kids out to see the ocean, catch fireflies at sunset on a lawn we don’t have to water, or grab a Pimm’s at the pub.

It’s not a happiness-inducing habit, since we aren’t going anywhere and all this does is stir up my travel bugs. So, I’m going to consciously work on enjoying our city every time I catch myself daydreaming about being somewhere else. There are a lot of great parts of Salt Lake City that I skip over on a daily basis, so here’s to loving the place we’re in.

Today: Wheeler Farm in the morning with the kids. The weather was unusually cool and humid thanks to last night’s rainstorm and the kids were delighted to run around for a bit. Who needs the ocean?









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