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Cost Comparison: Allergy Safe Treats for Halloween 2018

Happy October! If you’re a family who celebrates Halloween, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be giving out to trick-or-treaters. I know that it’s easy to grab a few bags of candy a couple of days before the big night, but I’m hoping that you also have allergy-safe treats for the kids who need them.

With Eva’s allergies, we end up throwing away most of her candy because it isn’t safe. The things she gets to keep are usually small non-edible treats like toys, pencils, stickers, etc. We’re participating in the #tealpumpkinproject again by putting a teal pumpkin out to let those kids with allergies know that our house is a house that has things like that. You can participate by putting a teal pumpkin out and having a small bucket of non-edible treats available (in addition to your usual candy) but it’s actually just as easy (and cheap!) to skip the candy entirely and only give out safe treats.

Like I explained in last year’s teal pumpkin post, “One of the classic “economy” treats people give out are those rolls of Smarties because you can get about 60 rolls for $3. In comparison, you can get 144 Halloween Spin Tops for $7, making them nearly the same cost with the added perk that you won’t get the weird ones where the wrapper is open, you won’t end up with a ton of extra candy if you don’t get enough trick-or-treaters (non-food treats can be stored until the next year!!!), and spin tops are practically STEM toys what with all the velocity and balance and gravity and other educational stuff going on there.”

Here are some ideas (and prices!) for allergy-safe treats:

(Side note – to give you a base for comparison, the current price for the popular Hershey Halloween fun size mix at Target is currently priced at $8 for 54 pieces, making it $0.15 per treat.)

Halloween novelty assortment from Oriental Trading. Price per treat is $0.15.

Mega Fun Bands from Oriental Trading. Price per treat is $0.04.

Spider rings on Amazon. Price per treat is $0.04. (Amazon affiliate link)

Plastic dinosaurs on Amazon. Price per treat is $0.14. (Amazon affiliate link)

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish on Amazon. Price per treat is $0.06. (Amazon affiliate link)

Multicolor dice on eBay. Price per treat (with shipping) is $0.14.

If I was a kid, I’d be much more excited about getting a rainbow dice, magic fish, or dinosaur friend than I would be about getting the twentieth fun size Kit Kat bar! Need more convincing? Here’s a video I made with Eva last year about why she loves the Teal Pumpkin Project:


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