Making Cookie Paint from Skittles

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This is a fun Halloween craft that (A) results in yummy treat, (B) gives preschoolers tons of control over the outcome, and (C) is one of the easiest kid activities/recipes we’ve enjoyed in a long time!

This craft starts with iced sugar cookies that have been allowed to set (preferably in Halloween cutout shapes). You can buy iced sugar cookies, but there are a million recipes online that aren’t too difficult as long as you keep in mind you need the hard, flat kind of frosting. This is not a time to go buttercream! I have no preference/judgement on how you get your iced sugar cookies for this craft, but I’ll let you in on my secret: I use the pre-mixes cookie icing and bags of cookie mixes you can find in the baking aisle. Huge time saver!

I love how much promise blank iced sugar cookies hold because there’s this moment where they look like perfect little ceramic tiles and they’re just lovely. Maybe it’s the minimalist in me, but I always sneak at least one perfect blank one before I move on to decisions about cookie decorating.


You can do a ton of things to decorate these blank cookies, so today I’m going to show you a really easy watercolor cookie craft. Skittles are peanut/tree nut free (although you should always check labels!) so we had candy for the craft and more leftover to give out for trick-r-treat. Yay for crafts and treats that don’t exclude kids with nut allergies!!!


Making paint from Skittles might sound hard, but it’s actually very easy as long as you have enough time to let the paint sit. To give you an ideal timeline for this particular Halloween craft, I would say you should drop the kids off at school, mix up the Skittles paints, make the cookies, let them cool, add the icing, let it set, pick up the kids, and then finish up with the Skittles paint. You can make paint in a shorter amount of time but letting it sit for a few hours really brightens those colors!

Make paint from Skittles #SweetOrTreat #CollectiveBias #shop

To make the Skittles watercolor paint you need:

/// Skittles
/// Corn syrup (the light kind)
/// Small jars with paint brushes
/// A little water (optional)

That’s it! You probably have those things in your house right now. To get the paint started, separate out a handful of each color and put the colors in different jars. Add enough corn syrup to cover the Skittles (but not a ton or the color won’t come through) and then let the Skittles and corn syrup sit for a long time so the color gets vibrant.

IMG_6101 copy

When you’re ready to paint, use a butter knife or another hard stirring tool to agitate the candies in the corn syrup and get as much color off as you can. You’ll be able to see it since it all turned colors very well. I added just a bit of water to thin the paint out, but beyond that it’s ready to go at this point!

Making watercolor sugar cookies #SweetOrTreat #CollectiveBias #shop Painting Halloween cookies #SweetOrTreat #CollectiveBias #shop

Note: there is a Skittles paint recipe that calls only for Skittles soaked in water (not corn syrup) but I didn’t want the sugar cookies to be all watery. Eva can be pretty liberal with that paint brush.

Halloween pumpkin craft and recipe #SweetOrTreat #CollectiveBias #shop

The paint goes on to the sugar cookies easily and layering creates beautiful effects. A little tip: it’s hard to get really distinct features with this paint (very much a watercolor situation) but stripes, swirls, etc. still create fun patterns.

Halloween cookies #SweetOrTreat #CollectiveBias #shop Watercolor painted Halloween cookies #SweetOrTreat #CollectiveBias #shop Halloween cookies for a party #SweetOrTreat #CollectiveBias #shop

Also, as they dry the cookies to become hard again but the paint stays just a bit sticky so these aren’t great cookies to package. They’d be perfect for a Halloween party activity or any party where you were able to arrange them on a tray. Aren’t they beautiful? She did such a good job and I had fun painting them as well so it was a little mom/kid moment before I had to leave for my conference this past weekend. Love those excuses to make memories.

Mom daughter preschool activity

We’ll have to try the tropical colors next. Let me know if you have Skittles paint success!

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