Holiday Tea Time and Hot Cocoa Variations

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It’s almost the end of the year! I made a conscious decision at the beginning of this year to quiet down and spend more offline time on things that needed prioritizing and I’m happy to say that I did a good job with that. This last month has really reflected that because usually my Decembers are all sorts of sponsored posts and business to finish up the last quarter and now that I’m looking through my photos, my December has been all tea and cocoa and board games and the kids kids kids. 

I will share a couple of variations we’ve been doing with our after school tea routine. I randomly bought this shaker and stencil set from Amazon because we needed a new powdered sugar shaker and then I had to buy this cheap milk frother to try out the stencils and I LOVE IT. 

It was a little trial and error because I love the look of pure cocoa powder in the stencil (like above) because the shapes are so strong and I actually like the bitter taste of cocoa powder in my hot chocolate but the kids think it’s too much. They prefer the Nesquik powder we use to make hot chocolate but that’s designed to melt in milk so when it hits the froth it loses definition and the stencils don’t work as well. 

We’ve had some success mixing the two and adding a little cinnamon but we’ve also made it work with colored sugar sprinkles. I’m excited because the stencil set was mostly non-holiday shapes like hearts and stars so we can keep using them. It’s also been nice to have the option of topping some warm milk mixed with a little sugar and cinnamon since that’s something we do occasionally instead of tea. 

Naturally, hot cocoa also gets topped with whipped cream and/or marshmallows but I save that for Fridays if I can because the sugar bump is noticeable vs the little bit of sugar I usually let them have for tea. I will say that this has been helped by this holiday bear mug set I got from Crate and Barrel this year because the kids love using the special kid cups and I love that the kid cups hold about half the hot chocolate as the regular cups. (They can get refills of warm milk once they’re done.) I got two grown up cups and three kid cups so we could have it as our special cocoa tray when we’re opening Santa gifts on Christmas morning. We’ll see how many years I can get away with making Eva use the kid cup, lol. 

On the days that we’ve been doing tea, I’ve been loving this special Nutcracker tea that Republic of Tea came out with. It’s herbal (no caffeine) and it doesn’t have any fake sweetener in it so we’ve been drinking it all the time. I probably have 2-3 cups a day and I need to order more because I’m paranoid that it’s going to go away once the movie isn’t in theaters. 

Even though we’ve had a quiet holiday season, we did have a little get together with a Little House on the Prairie theme at the beginning of the month. You can see our Little House on the Prairie Christmas here on Historicish. 

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