We Saw Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment in Salt Lake City

Posted by Carly Morgan

Disclaimer: We received free tickets to Disney on Ice in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts below are my own.

The family at Disney on Ice

We just saw Disney on Ice here in Salt Lake City! I know I’m supposed to be on a social media break but I have to share photos before this show leaves town.

Kyle and I have been to Disney on Ice twice before (together) but we’ve never taken our kids so it was the first time for all three. Felix wasn’t a big fan because there were too many loud noises so bring earmuffs of some sort if you’re bringing a baby. As for our older two, they were very very happy with the show. Of course, it helps that they were born to two parents who have a serious Disney merchandising issue.

Merchandise at Disney on Ice

Also, you Disney fans will note that we showed up at “rope drop” and, yes, we stayed until the goodnight kiss. Well, until the usher practically swept us out, anyway. So, little prep note: I thought it was going to be cold cold cold in the show but we were plenty warm even though we were near the ice. I brought layers for everyone but we all ended up in short sleeves for most of the show – even the baby!

Olaf hat at Disney on Ice

As far as snacks go, there were the typical concessions that they have at the event center plus cotton candy, snow cones, ice cream, and lemonade sold specifically for the show. The cotton candy came with either an Olaf hat or a Mickey crown so we got both bags. There was more variety for the snow cone holders but all three of the kids got snow cones from one of the vendors walking around and he only had the Anna/Elsa cups so that’s what they got. No complaints!

Snow cones and Mickey crown at Disney on Ice

Snow cone at Disney on Ice

Be prepared for a slightly hard sell on the merchandise, only because there are so many stands in the outer edge of the arena and so many vendors walking around once you come sit down. If you have little kids, it’s really hard for them to see all that fun stuff paraded around if you aren’t planning on getting anything (which is, of course, a brilliant marketing strategy) so we had planned out ahead of time to let the kids each get one treat and one toy or souvenir. We ended up overdoing it, but only because we (the parents) are huge dorks and we wanted the stuff for ourselves. From what I saw, most of the groups that came in made one or two purchases for the show and that was that. It helped that people are allowed to bring in outside food like snacks, drinks, and treats from home. We just figure it’s one of those special occasions where the Morgan family is all in!

Eating snow cone at Disney on Ice

Fun Disney hats at Worlds of Enchantment

The Lightning McQueen hat came with the souvenir Disney on Ice program we got when we bought the Disney on Ice pennant and the Queen Elsa snow flurry wand. The wand is awesomesauce – it lights up and the little snowballs all go around in a circle – but it was a tough choice because there were a few different wands and light up swords. Prices were what you’d usually expect at a Disney event like this. I think the cheapest thing we got was the $6 pennant and the most expensive was probably the wand ($25?). Although you might not believe it from the pictures, there were things that we didn’t buy. To be specific, Calvin wanted an Elsa hair headband thing with the blond ponytail attached and Eva wanted a princess necklace. I also saw a cute Tinkerbell doll and Kyle checked out a pair of themed binoculars that made shapes (snowflakes?) out of the lights when you looked through them. So really, we didn’t go as overboard as we could have.

Disney on Ice pennant

The show started with a little warm up by the ice dancers to get the crowd excited and up on their feet, dancing. After that, four of the classic characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy) came out to get things going and they introduced each of the different stories. If you’ve never been to a Disney on Ice show, it’s not always just one story. This one, Worlds of Enchantment, is made up from stories from four different Disney and Disney/Pixar movies: Toy Story 3, The Little Mermaid, Cars, and Frozen. The first one was Toy Story 3 and everyone in the crowd was so excited to see the familiar characters. Personally, I loved the Slinky dog – such a fun two-person costume!!

Toy Story at Disney on Ice

The Little Mermaid was next and the crowd absolutely went wild when she came out. Major princess fans in the audience! The puppets for this one were really cool. There was a giant sea horse that I had a hard time getting a shot of but it really looked like it was floating at the bottom of the sea. I only wish this part of the show was a little longer, because it was my personal favorite. I was Eva’s age when that movie came out and it’s always going to be in my top five for Disney movies.

The Little Mermaid at Disney on Ice

I should note that we had good seats, but the whole event feels intimate and I don’t think there were any seats that I would have considered too far away, especially considering how big the movements were and how much was going on down on the ice. Plus, they had tight shots up on the monitor so people could see details a little more clearly no matter where they were sitting.

Tow Mater at Disney on Ice

There was an intermission but the show felt like it was pretty fast. It turned out that we were in there for a few hours but I really didn’t feel it. Considering my older kids are three and six I would have thought that they would have been more squirmy but they were captivated the whole time even after being seriously overloaded on sugar. The only one that was really over it about a half hour before it ended was Felix. It is not a baby-nap-friendly type of event and I nursed him a couple of times to settle him, although I wonder if I should have walked him out during the really noisy parts. There were lots of loud explosions and sparks in the second half of the show, starting with the Cars. Calvin got a little nervous because he wasn’t expecting the fireworks the first time around but he wasn’t too scared to enjoy that part of the show.

Watching Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment

Cars at Disney on Ice

It seemed like the most popular part of the show was when the Frozen story began and the moments where Elsa and Anna were out on the ice. You could tell that was who everyone was waiting for and their solos were so pretty. I’m sure those costumes were so much fun to make and they were beautiful under the lights. They added bubbles, snow, and a few sparks to this part of the show but the highlight was the skating itself. The kids loved seeing all of the spins and jumps, although I think Eva was a little nervous that the skaters were going to fall when they were doing all of their fancy tricks. I have to start introducing that one to more figure skating!

Queen Elsa at Disney on Ice

Frozen at Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment

Watching Anna and Elsa at Disney on Ice

Anna and Elsa at Disney on Ice

The show runs here in Salt Lake City through March 12th and tickets are still available so I hope you get to go! It was so fun to take the kids to a magical world for a few hours and it definitely soothed my need for a Disney fix. After all, I haven’t been in a Disney park since 2015 – you’ve got to get that pixie dust when you can!

Nursery Theme Inspired by Disney’s Moana

Posted by Carly Morgan

I think I’m going to quit my day job and just start designing Disney-inspired nurseries for a living. Think the kids will be ok if I give them my two weeks notice along with the grapes I carefully cut in half?

Moana is out-ish but we’re holding out for the DVD combo pack and haven’t seen it yet. So, in the meantime, I’ll just have to content myself with looking up Moana-ness on Etsy. Fair warning: if you don’t want the soundtrack to be stuck in your head for the next two weeks, you should just stop right here.

Oh, too late. I am Moaaanaaaaaa…

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Our Anniversary and Our Wedding Story

Posted by Carly Morgan

Today is our eight year wedding anniversary and I marked it by doing something a little bittersweet. For the last nine years I’ve run a blog about Disney weddings, which started when I was planning our wedding at Walt Disney World, but for the last three or four years I really haven’t been able to put my heart into it. So, I spent the weekend clearing the blog out to get it ready to be deleted. I’ll miss it, but I didn’t want it to sit around getting stale.

The fun part about this is that I had the chance to go back and read a ton of posts from 2008 and 2009 including my ridiculously detailed recap of our wedding trip. How detailed? Well, let’s just say if you wish you were at my wedding, you can read this and feel like you’re there. In fact, you could probably read this and then remember the event even better than people who actually were there!

Our Wedding Trip Report
We spent a week in Walt Disney World with friends and family, with our wedding occurring mid-trip. These posts have been organized accordingly…

~Enjoying WDW with friends and family~
Day One, Part One (Delta sucks)
Day One, Part Two (Pop Century and Splash Mountain)
Day Two, Part One (My family discovers the Magic Kingdom)
Day Two, Part Two (10 adults on a flume ride)
Day Three, Part One (4 wheelchairs and 400 pins)
Day Three, Part Two (Evening in Epcot)
Day Four, Part One (On Safari)
Day Four, Part Two (Luau at the Polynesian)

~The Day Before the Wedding~
Day Five, Part One (Deathly Ill at Pop Century)
Day Five, Part Two (Rehearsal and Bridal Tea at the Grand Floridian)
Day Five, Part Three (I’m getting married tomorrow and I want my mother)
Day Five, Part Three Cont. (Fireworks from our room at the Grand Floridian)

~Our Wedding Day~
Part One (A rocky start to a lovely day)
Part Two (Getting ready to go)
Part Three (Picture time)
Part Four (Just us and the Roots)
Part Five (It’s almost time…)
Part Six (It begins)
Part Seven (Walking down the aisle)
Our Ceremony
Part Eight (So this is getting married)
Part Nine (Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Morgan)
Part Ten (Bubbles and group photos)
Part Eleven (Just us and our 15 attendants)
Part Twelve (Post-wedding portraits at the Grand Floridian)
Part Thirteen (Sneak peek at the reception)
Part Fourteen (The pre-reception)
Part Fifteen (Video of our entrance and first dance)
Part Fifteen Cont. (The story of our first dance)
Part Sixteen (The incredible buffet)
Part Seventeen (Father/Daughter dance)
Part Eighteen (Reflections and Mother/Son dance)
Part Nineteen (On the dance floor)
Part Twenty (A special dance for my grandparents)
Part Twenty-one (Top ten things I learned about receptions)
Part Twenty-two (Top ten things I learned about receptions cont.)
Part Twenty-three (A magical end to an incredible party)
Just a few more pictures
Part Twenty-four (Taking the bus in my wedding gown)
Part Twenty-five (Ending the night at Raglan Road)

~After the Wedding~
Day Seven, Part One (Hollywood Studios)
Day Seven, Part Two (Friends, family, and a painted niece at Epcot)
Day Eight (Grandpa goes to the hospital and we go to Epcot)
The End

~Our Home Receptions~
Our California Reception
Our Ohio Reception

Can you believe I wrote all that about one week?

Baby Names from Disney and Pixar Movies

Posted by Carly Morgan

Naming a baby is hard.

We have our choices for baby #3 narrowed down to a short list of 4-5 with a couple of frontrunners but I confess that we haven’t gotten that zing that comes with picking the perfect name. We’ve looked at just about every baby name list out there but for some reason nothing sounds quite right. Here’s hoping we don’t actually name him Baby Three!

Anyway, here’s a list of Disney and Pixar inspired baby names that we’ve entertained. None of these made the final cut but if you happen to be doing the same name hunt, you might want to consider these ones:

Disney Pixar baby names

For more Disney baby goodness (including my ridiculously long list of boy/girl Disney names), check out these other posts:


Zootopia: My Reactions and an Interview with the Directors

Posted by Carly Morgan

New Disney movie!!

We saw a screening of Zootopia a couple of days ago and I have to admit that I was a little iffy on this one. If you’re ever worried that I’m fluffing my reviews up because I’ve drunk too much of the Disney Kool-Aid, let me remind you that I was among the first to report back that Disney’s Chicken Little was NOT worth seeing in the theater and since that was another anthropomorphic animals comedy-esque film, I walked into this one with a very low bar and an expectation that it would be somewhere between straight-to-video and hey-that-one-scene-was-so-funny.


Ok. It’s actually really cute.

Yes, the animals are wearing clothes and some of the humor is directed way over the heads of any kids I know, but it’s beautifully made, the characters are very rich, and the story had a lot of angles that could start some great family conversations (reminiscent of Inside Out). Kyle absolutely loved it and said it reminded him of the great buddy cop movies of the ’80s and we both noticed the insane detail in city that serves as the background for most of the story.


As for the kid take-aways, it’s your typical little-guy-wins-by-being-kind Disney film, but there’s also a great relationship between the two main characters, Judy and Nick, and it’s the best example of a non-romantic male/female friendship I’ve ever seen in a family film. I always had best friends who were boys when I was growing up and there was never a good model for that because the assumption is that the guy is always saving the girl or that she “wins” by having the guy fall in love with her, which is an awkward game for 8 year olds who are all “thanks but nope” about each other. Loved that about this movie.


I actually had the chance to sit down with the directors of Zootopia today and chat about that relationship and they had some great points to make about the character development. (Light spoilers here, I guess, but it’s really not that kind of movie…)

Byron Howard: I think it’s nice that Judy is such a strong character that she doesn’t feel like she needs another character to complete her. In a lot of these cop shows, you have very strong emotional relationships between partners and we loved that potential for this movie. You almost want to see them get together because the chemistry is so good between them, but we didn’t want to make that romantic.”

Rich Moore: I like that Judy is a character that isn’t looking for romance to make her life better. She’s following a passion – a calling – and that doesn’t involve a man who is going to get her to that level. This is a maturation story of self-discovery, but she does need a friend throughout the story. She has the world against her and Nick becomes that common misfit who has had the same background. It’s difficult for one person to heal themselves in a vacuum but when a conversation between two people that share common stories can happen, that’s healing.”

They also had some great things to say about the cast and how perfect each person was for his/her character:

Rich Moore: “It’s not by chance that the characters start to look like the actors. We shoot a lot of reference video of the actors as they’re recording and our animators look at that reference video, not to copy exactly what they’re doing but to see what the expression or mouth shape was on a certain line. It starts to seep into the performance so even though you have this character with an animal face, it starts to look like the actor because the animators are picking up on those things.

We were really lucky to get the top people that we wanted for this film because what we do is we build a board of characters and actors that remind us of the character. We put it up to get everyone in the room on the same page and from that we start to think of who would be good to play those characters. Using that as the pool, we go to our casting director and say “we see them as this person” and she’ll go out to try to get those people. We were so lucky – every character, she was able to get our top pick. This is our dream cast.”

Byron shared a great story about an unexpected source of inspiration from his childhood and it would kill it if I transcribed the whole thing, so I’ll just share my audio file from the interview. I don’t usually do this, but it’s only 13 minutes long and they said so many interesting little things that I know my Disney fan friends would love to hear. It starts just a little bit late into the interview because I’m a dope who was too excited to hit record before I started asking questions…


Thank you to the directors for making time to chat!

Zootopia directors

Zootopia comes out on March 4th, which is both this Friday and Eva’s 5th birthday (don’t ask me how that happened!) so I hope you go and love it and send pixie dust birthday vibes to my girl while you’re leaving. I don’t know what we’ll be doing but a 2nd viewing is not outside the realm of possibility…

Zootopia screening

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