Maybe I should have picked out the suits and dresses…

Posted by Carly Morgan

(Conversation that occurred last night at dinner)

Carly: Nate, I haven’t figured out what you’re going to do in the wedding.
Nate: What do you mean?
Carly: I haven’t figured out if you’re going to hand out programs or seat people or what, since you won’t be standing with the wedding party.
Nate: Why am I not standing with the wedding party?
Carly: Because you’re not wearing a black suit. You’re wearing a grey suit.
Janean: You’re supposed to wear a black suit.
Nate: So what? You said that was fine.
Carly: I said that was fine if that’s what you wanted to wear, but you couldn’t stand next to the ten people in black suits if you did that.
Janean: You should get a black suit.
Nate: Nobody will even notice.
Carly: Everyone will notice. The people attending the wedding know the difference between grey and black.
Janean: We’re all going to be in black. I have a black dress.
Carly: See? Black.
Janean: Ooooh, you could totally get a black suit at Goodwill or some other thrift store.
Carly: Wow, it’s like Janean was on my side and then she just decided to harpoon my wedding. Please do not wear a black suit from Goodwill.
Nate: I offered to wear a black suit.
Janean: No, you offered to wear a tuxedo.
Nate: A tuxedo is practically a black suit.
Janean: No, it’s not.
Carly: It’s really not, dude.
Janean: The only person in a tux is the person getting married.
Carly: Right. Kyle is in a tux.
Nate: But it’s the same thing.
Carly: No. No. See, it’s like how Janean is wearing a dress and I’m wearing a dress, but she’s wearing a bridesmaid dress and I’m wearing a wedding gown. Both dresses, but wildly different things.
Janean: Oh yeah, you don’t really want me to send you a picture of the dress I’m wearing, do you?
Carly: Yes, that’s why I asked everyone to send me pictures of what they were wearing.
Janean: Oh, I didn’t think you meant me, though.
Carly: Every person I sent that letter to doesn’t think I meant them. We have an entire wedding party of people who think that they have a special exception.
Nate: I sent you a picture.
Carly: Yes, of you in a grey suit. I asked for you in a black suit. It’s like you almost got it, but you really kind of didn’t at all.
Nate: Oh. So wait, you want me to wear a black suit at the wedding?
Carly: Yes.
Janean: From Goodwill.
Carly: No.

Making our Wedding Invitations

Posted by Carly Morgan

Ok, more headway on the invitations. My weird killer cold left me pretty much housebound all day yesterday. That led to me getting things done on the invitations…so, good for colds, I guess?…I was going to keep the invites under wraps so that the people who are going to get one don’t see them before hand, but ultimately I decided that was silly for two reasons:

  1. It’s not like wedding invitations are supposed to be some huge surprise, and
  2. Most of my guests don’t even read this blog.

Yep, ironically with all the people reading the blog these days, most of my guests aren’t followers. I started this blog mostly to keep my moms involved, so I haven’t really given it out past that. So, sorry for spoiling the surprise, moms, but I’m sharing the invitations step-by-step.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to dress my invitations up. I have blue pocket folds from Envelopments and I know that a lot of people add ribbon that wraps around or have square cards on the front of them. I tried both of those, but I didn’t come up with anything I like. I really wanted to have a belly band when I originally was picturing my invitations, so I decided to just do belly bands on the outside of the pocket fold, even though they don’t really need them. I have ribbon that I bought at Costco last January…probably within a week of our deciding to have a Disney wedding. I thought this ribbon was so pretty, it ended up being the catalyst for choosing Cinderella blue as our wedding color.


Of course, at the time I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I figured that if I did belly bands I could at least incorporate it into something. So I was messing around with the ribbon and the pocket fold today, trying to figure out what I was doing, when I noticed something. The ribbon has three different sizes of glittery blue circles on it and it’s probably a Disney thing, but when I see circles in different sizes, I just want to do this:


And then I loved it. Of course, I had to cut three circles out of the ribbon (which was kind of a pain in the butt) just to do this one invitation and I have a 100 invitations to do, so clearly that was a silly idea…

A silly idea I so went with:




I just have to figure out where to put them now. I kind of like them in the corner of the pocket part, but I could center them if that would be more aesthetic. Of course, I could have saved myself a lot of time (right about three hours) if I had just used my large Mickey punch and punched some shapes out of glittery blue paper, but I was happy as a clam in front of the couch watching DVDs and cutting circles. I’m glad I spent three years getting a law degree so I could hang out on a Wednesday and do this kind of stuff. Plus, I had a ton of ribbon because I got it from Costco and there’s still plenty left for the belly bands.


It’s funny, but up until I did all these circles, I was actually trying to keep Mickey heads off of my invitations. I debated for a long time about buying Disney wedding invitations and really embracing the theme, but I decided to err on the side of subtle since we’re doing the whole Disney wedding. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful Disney invitations, but I was worried that it would be overkill and distracting from the fact that this invitation is announcing something so important, so I made the conscious decision to limit the Disneyness to the vintage postcard RSVPs. Now that I see them, though, I think it’s just the right amount of Disney magic for the invites…

So, what do you think? Where should I put them? I think it’s going to be strictly a one mickey head per invitation situation, because I am not about to cut out another 300 circles.

Our Engagement Pictures

Posted by Carly Morgan

I got an email from the Roots today and they sent us some of the pictures they took when we met up with them in Orlando! We are so completely blessed to have them as friends. Most people have their engagement pictures taken by a friend who happens to have a camera, but we have a whole stack of shots from two friends who happen to have great cameras and a WHOLE LOT of talent! When we first decided to go to WDW in August, I knew I wanted to spend some time with Nathan and Jensey so that I could get a better idea of how it would be to work with them on our wedding day. Plus, Jensey always has great tips and advice for my bridal dilemmas, so I wanted to catch up with her and thank her for all of her help. Little did we know that our little “hang out” session would turn into all-out fun at the Magic Kingdom!

Nathan and Jensey did us an AMAZING favor by taking pictures of us in the park – free of charge! Not only did we have a great time with them, we’ll have these memories of our honeymoon forever! Look at how cute they made us look! I cannot believe we have such lovely + talented friends. You can see the rest of the pictures here.

The Story of Us

Posted by Carly Morgan

I had lovely, relaxed sleep last night and I’m finally ready to put together a blog that contains more than pictures and youtube videos. Additionally, today is our 3rd anniversary. It is also the day before I take a week long hiatus from blogging. Therefore, everyone gets a mega-blog today.

The Story of Us

Oddly enough, I think I’m supposed to have started the blog with the story of us. I’m pretty sure that I put a little Cliff’s Notes version somewhere in the blog, but I haven’t done the full-out version…well…ever, actually. It’s sort of a complicated and yet oddly simple story, so it’s easy to sum it up in a handful of sentences. We met at Disney World. We were good friends and then we started dating. Now we’re getting married. And we lived happily ever after.

See? Pretty easy.

I feel like I should extend the story in honor of our anniversary, though, since there was more to it. So here we go:

The Beginning

When I met Kyle, I was already happily dating someone else. I was 19 and I had just moved from Utah to Florida with Zach (my then-boyfriend) so that we could do the 5 month Walt Disney World College Program. I had never moved away from home and I was pretty wiped out. I was put into an apt with 5 other girls and Zach was in the building next to me with 5 other boys. We had arrived with only two suitcases each, so after I hung up the seven or eight shirts I’d brought I walked over to Zach’s apartment to kill some time. I let myself in and walked to the back of the apartment, where Zach’s room was. When I walked in, there was someone sitting on the other twin bed and I have to admit that immediately a little alarm bell went off, because this person had ridiculously distracting bright blue eyes. And that’s how I met Kyle.

I have to stop right here and just throw out the fact that Kyle and I were both in relationships while we lived in Florida and absolutely nothing happened between us. There’s a sinister connotation that comes along with telling people that you met your fiance because he was your ex’s roommate. So I have to put that in there to the credit of everyone involved, including Zach and Kyle’s ex. So there.

Anyway, I’m not really sure how Kyle and I got to be such good friends. He had his convertible which made him a very valuable guy to know and he had also been to WDW a lot, so he knew his way around. I think mainly we became really close for three reasons:

  1. I abandoned my own apartment about two weeks into the program when I got into a fight with one of my roommates and basically moved in with the boys,
  2. Kyle and I both worked nights, while Zach worked days, so we had a lot of time to hang out, and
  3. Kyle’s long-distance girlfriend was incredibly high maitenance.


Honestly, it might have been that last thing more than anything. They had a lot of issues, most of which came out of her being problematic, and so we spent a whole lot of time talking about his relationship. Being the resident ovary-carrier, I was the only one in the apartment who really wanted to spend three hours saying things like, “it’s totally understandable that you feel that way” and “I’m sure she knows how much you love her.” In retrospect, he probably needed to cut his losses and get over it because she caused him a lot of unnecessary stress, but at the time it gave us something to talk about.

I’ll be honest, it’s not like I was completely oblivious to the fact that Kyle was pretty damn cute. I can remember a handful of uncomfortable moments when he’d be walking around the apartment half-dressed because he was actually completely oblivious to the fact that I was a girl and I would have to sit and stare intently at the Weather Channel and do this whole IlovemyboyfriendIlovemyboyfriend mantra in my head. I do remember confessing to Michelle that I was feeling vaguely guilty because every now and then I got butterflies while I was talking to him. Mostly, though, he was just Kyle and it was like having a little brother around. Plus, he and Zach were pretty good friends, so the three of us had a good time together. You have to remember, at this time I was still very in love with my boyfriend and dead set on getting engaged sometime in the next year.

Fast forward: We left. Kyle took us to the airport and everyone got a little choked up because we were never going to see each other again. We did the whole “keep in touch” thing, but it was pretty half-assed because I’m terrible at keeping in touch with anyone. There were a couple of phone calls in the first 2-3 months after we got home, but it was sort of a given that we were phasing out the friendship. And then I just happened to have something that I needed to send to Kyle and I couldn’t get ahold of him for two weeks, so I left about ten messages. I thought he was blowing me off, but it turned out he had gone through this awful breakup with the girlfriend he’d had in Florida and he was seriously a little mental about it.

That actually turned into at least 1-2 hours of phone time a day for an entire summer. He was in this terrible place and I had a lot of time on my hands because I was just working and living at home. I have actually never seen anyone take a break-up so hard. Completely flattened. Things got better for him when he went back to school at Ohio State, but we kept up with the nightly calls. Zach and I moved in together that fall but he was really tolerant about the whole Kyle/phone thing. I think the fact that he knew Kyle and knew he wasn’t threatening helped. Still, in retrospect we spent a ridiculous amount of time talking to each other, considering I was living with someone. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

And then I got dumped. And I can only describe it as having my brain sucked out through my eyeballs. All of the judgment I’d had about Kyle being squashed by some 18 year old sorority girl flew out the window and I ended up lying on my bathroom floor with the phone pressed to my ear like a life preserver while Kyle read me stories from the Akron newspaper so I didn’t throw myself into traffic.

The Middle

Yeah, the break up sucked. Some teenager at Zach’s work asked him out and moved us into this whole new life-evaluation phase that quickly turned into me tossing stuff off of our balcony. It was Christmas time and I had to pack up and move back in with my parents in about two days and honestly Kyle was about the only thing that had me holding it together. The fact that he had lived through it was proof that I wasn’t going to actually shrivel up and the fact that I was going a little crazy was proof that he wasn’t a complete nut for falling apart about it. That winter break between semesters had us on the phone about 6 hours a day while we contemplated the theory of relationships in general and how it was a big conspiracy designed to make people feel bad about their lives. I really don’t know what I would have done without him. Most nights I would call and just be on the phone with him while he played his guitar and sang because I didn’t have the energy to carry on a conversation.

That sort of blended into a couple of months and things got less awful. Zach had a change of heart and we entered weird vague negotiations about getting back together. I moved back in, mainly because I was still sleeping on the floor of the hobby room in my parents house (they’d given my room to my little sister while I was gone) and I wasn’t sure if things would work out with us. We had taken a week off and booked a trip to Disneyland with Zach’s family over spring break, but as it got closer I was just more and more sure that the break up had actually been a good idea (gut wrenching as it was). So I switched my vacation plans and decided to go see Kyle over spring break, who was the only person I knew east of Colorado. I’d never been to Ohio and Kyle and I were still logging about an hour a day on the phone. And so, Zach went to Disneyland and I headed to Columbus.

I don’t know, actually, what I thought when I was headed out there. I know I was confused about the other relationship, but I don’t think I was really thinking anything about changing my relationship with Kyle. Ironically, however, our misery had made us somewhat more attractive. When we lived in Florida we’d both been happy and slightly plump. Our change in circumstances had led him to spend 3 manic hours per day working out at the campus rec center and had increased my devotion to my eating disorder. So when we saw each other…

That week is something of a blur. I loved Ohio, because it wasn’t Utah, and being with Kyle was honestly like being home. When I got back, I probably should have just grabbed my stuff and turned around and flow back out east. I definitely had the opportunity. Zach came back from Disneyland full of newly refreshed hope for our relationship and I had to explain that I was falling for Kyle. I’m actually lucky that he gave me the two days I got to get my stuff out of the apartment. I would have thrown me out right then and there.

After that…still blurry. Terrible campus apartment with two girls I didn’t know, school full-time while working 40 hours a week, phone calls with Kyle every night that lasted until 1 or 2 in the morning. Everything just went into fast-forward. Kyle went to Italy for that summer and it was very much like my world went on mute. I don’t even remember anything I did while he was gone. I still refused to consider the idea that we could be having a relationship, but whatever we were doing I had gotten hooked. We didn’t see each other again until the following January when he met me in Orlando for the WDW half-marathon. We were in a really bizzare place by then. I’ve never been more comfortable with anyone, but every time he reached out to hold my hand I felt very much like a seventh grader who has to stand in front of the class and give a book report. I don’t think just holding hands with any guy has ever made me feel so much like a stammering schoolgirl.

I applied to Ohio State for law school a few days after I got back and I had my acceptance almost immediately. By then we were both avoiding talking about anything that had anything to do with anything about our relationship. I’d been dating a whole lot and whatever Kyle was doing I didn’t want to hear about it. And still, we stayed on the phone together and just didn’t bring up the fact that I was going to be in his city in a very short amount of time.

The Important Part

Kyle flew out to help me drive from Utah to Ohio and again it just felt like I’d been holding my breath until he got there. And so, on August 1st, 2005, I was having a perfectly normal conversation with him about nothing at all when he suddenly turned to me and said, “so are we dating or are we just going to spend the rest of our lives together and pretend that we’re not in a relationship?” Totally caught off-guard. I responded with something like, “oh, I don’t know. I’m pretty in love with you,” and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “yeah, I know. That’s why I’m asking.” And then it was official, which is why today is our anniversary. I really wish this part of the story had more to it, but that’s honestly it. Apparently Kyle had been referring to me as his girlfriend for months and all of my friends knew I was in love with him, so it’s not like it was even news for anyone. I think maybe our parents were surprised, but that’s about it.

The trip to Ohio was wonderful. The first few weeks of law school dumped a whole new social circle on me and everyone just took it for granted that Kyle and I were together and that this was old news, so we just sort of started in the middle part of a normal relationship. And then I was busy with school…and then we went to England…came back…Kyle moved down here…he proposed…

It really is like our story ended when we started dating. It’s terrible, but it was sort of anti-climactic. I’ve now been 90% sure that we were spending the rest of our lives together for three years, which takes a bit of the excitement out of dating. I’m not going to pretend for a second that we haven’t had ups and downs and bad fights and all the other stuff that comes with being in a relationship, but the bottom line has always been that this was going to be it and we just needed to make everything else in life work around that fact. If anything, we’ve made each other boring because we just spend time doing Disney things and talking. Yes, we’re still talking. It turns out that that’s going to be our big thing: the talking. We just talk all the time. Every now and then we still call each other and spend an hour or so on the phone out of habit. It’s just that now we’re doing it because he’s in the living room and I’m in the bedroom and neither of us wants to move. We’re pretty lame that way.

The End

So I got engaged to my best friend and I’m getting my Disney wedding. I also got to stay friends with Zach, lived through my breakup, made it out of Utah alive, and accidentally finished law school while playing board games and watching PBS with my boyfriend. Not the big romantic-comedy plotline that I was anticipating, but it works. It’s sort of funny, we were both looking so hard for that love-of-our-life person and the whole time we were on the phone with each other, getting advice on how to get other people to be attracted to us and propping each other up when we got rejected. It really feels like we just looked at each other one day and this lightbulb went on.

I guess it’s lucky for us that we’re equally slow about that sort of thing. In fact, the whole theme of the story is “lucky for us”. Lucky that we went to Disney at the same time, lucky that Kyle and Zach were roommates, lucky that we were both in relationships, lucky that we both got dumped, lucky that Verizon has unlimited night and weekend minutes, lucky that I got into Ohio State, lucky that we figured out the whole point of everything was that we get to be together. Just really lucky.

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