Trying on my wedding dress

Posted by Carly Morgan

We spent the holiday weekend with Kyle’s parents up in Akron and while we were there Janet and I found a veil. Hooray for one more thing off the bridal checklist! I had a mini-panic attack at David’s Bridal because they were all so expensive and they all made me look like some sort of french dessert, rather than a respectable young woman with a law degree who just happens to be in a big floofy dress, but we found one that I actually like. I’m going to alter it a little bit by adding some tiny touches, but I’m going to mainly leave it alone because I really want it to be almost invisible. At least I have a veil now. I’d love to tell you that it makes me feel bride-like but I feel very much like a cupcake when I’m wearing it.

We briefly revisited the question of footwear, but I’m sticking with the ones I have because they are flatter than flat and as it is the dress is exactly the right length as long as I’m barefoot. I still need to lose some weight to feel comfortable in the dress, but we put the whole thing together so I could see what the dress looked like with the veil and my hair down. Janet let me borrow some long earrings to give a general idea of the complete ensemble. My goal is to find really nice (and big) chandelier earrings, so I can skip the necklace, tiara, and any other glittery trinkets. I forgot how ridiculous the train on this dress is. We’ve determined that there’s no way to bustle it or carry it, but I’m going to worry about all of that in August/September. At the moment it isn’t very cha-cha friendly.

Champagne among the trees

Posted by Carly Morgan

Kyle and I hit the bridal show at the Franklin Park Conservatory last night. We aren’t really planning anything in Columbus, but for 15 bucks we got to hang out in the conservatory, which I’d never been to, and we were able to sample some pretty swanky cuisine. Apparently 15 dollars buys unlimited access to lots of plants, unlimited access to lots of champagne, and unlimited access to pasta, steak, crudites, salads, cakes, cream puffs, cheesecake, truffles, cookies, and lots and lots of martinis and wine. Yeah, I left for the show with 10 points left for the day for my Weight Watcher’s plan and…well…I pretty much shot that out of the water. I’m sure those little chocolate-covered strawberries and the avacado bar all consisted of foods that are listed on the Zero Points list, right next to the asparagus and carrots.

My personal favorite was the Bridal Bouquet martini, which is just champagne and POM with an edible orchid floating around in it. Yum. It definitely made watching all those skinny little girls in designer dresses strutting around a little easier. Actually, the whole thing was pretty relaxed. We wandered around and gathered samples, but mostly we just took in the scenery. The conservatory is a really popular location for weddings and since I’d never seen it I really wanted to look around. I hope I get to shoot a wedding there because it was perfectly lovely. The only thing that I noticed was that it got really hot really quickly, which was a little odd because it was cold and rainy outside. We struggled through, though, with the help of many cocktails and glasses of bitter red wine. We even caught a slow dance to Sinatra on the landing near the terrace, which was lovely because it was sunset and we were sort of tucked away. I even got another proposal, but I’m not counting it on the list of proposals because there was no kneeling or jewelry involved.

I suppose I should actually recount the wedding vendor’s displays, but it may be a little difficult because they were quite generous with those glasses of free champagne. Still, here’s a short summary:

  • The champagne martinis and cocktails were lovely and I had a much friendlier buzz than I get from regular wine. Also, I didn’t have to worry about spilling red wine because I was walking around, or getting that tacky red wine lip line.
  • Avocado Bar – This is new. I’d seen the potato bars and the mashed potatoes in the martini glasses, but this was just halves of avocado with a whole range of toppings. In my world avocados are toppings themselves, but I dressed it up and it was delicious. Very inside-out guacamole. My personal toppings included shredded cheese, sour cream, lime juice, and garlic chips, but other toppings included cocoa almonds, tomatoes, and bacon bits.
  • There were a violin trio, a violin/flute trio, and a DJ playing slow jazz and Jack Johnson. After wandering between the three locations, I have to say that the DJ was still my favorite. Classical music is fine and all, but I’ve decided that I don’t think it’s quite as romantic.
  • I saw the loveliest invitations! I’ll try to collect some of the best in the near future and post them, but I ADORE the use of different shaped envelopes and the incorporation of fabric and ribbon right into the paper itself.
  • I’ve decided against leaving one-time use cameras on the table. As it turns out, people who are enjoying champagne and wedding music end up taking really terrible pictures of each other. Cute, but I don’t want to pay for it…

That’s about it, other than the fact that we had a lovely time. Nothing else really, but I did catch just a touch of Cinderella-ness…

Breakfast (well, lunch) at Tiffany’s

Posted by Carly Morgan

I got my ring!

I know, you’re probably wondering how I got this far into the wedding blog without a ring. I actually had a ring, but it was a place holder for my “real” ring. Kyle tried to pick it up at Tiffany’s, only to find out that it had to be sized elsewhere and then sent in. Since he only had a general idea of my size and wanted to pop the question sooner rather than later, I got a filler ring with the promise that we’d go get the real one soon.

And that was in the middle of December.

Things actually got a little complicated after the proposal. My mom had given us her engagement ring that she’d gotten from my dad, so we had that diamond. In addition, Kyle’s parents gave us another ring with four diamonds on it and a loose emerald. So basically, we ended up with a bunch of jewelry and no idea what to do. Between wanting to keep the jewelry in the family and realizing that our wedding budget was being Disneyfied, we held off on buying the Tiffany’s ring. Using the diamonds from our family is definitely more financially responsible than taking a trip to Tiffany’s.

I actually tried to let go of the whole Tiffany’s idea. I mean, it is sort of the childish, girlhood fantasy of all American women, but there are a lot of pretty rings out there and with all the jewelry from our families I’m sure we could have had something very nice designed. Ultimately, though, I was dragging my feet when it came to talking to designers, because I just couldn’t get excited about it. I figured it would be like the dress thing…I wouldn’t be excited about it, but when I did it I would love it.

And then this other thing happened. I lost the filler ring. We all knew it was going to happen, considering I kept misplacing it. But, sans filler ring, my finger has officially been bare for the past two weeks. It was bumming me out, so ring talk resurfaced. And, ultimately, it was Kyle who pushed the Tiffany’s idea. He was pretty taken with Tiffany’s the first time around and I think he liked the whole cliche of getting a ring there. I put up some resistance, but who are we kidding? I practically had my head out the window like a golden retriever on the way down to Cincinnati.

So, I’ve always known what kind of engagement ring I wanted. A Tiffany’s solitaire has been my ideal forever. You know, the classic single Tiffany’s diamond, perfectly perched. Lovely, right? So we get in there and I’m already feeling like I might faint when the guy pulls a bunch of solitaires out of the case. I put the first one on and determined that it was too small, so we moved up to the serious solitaires. I slipped it on my finger and…absolutely nothing. No fireworks, no excitement. It looked really stupid. I know! I’m probably going to be deported or something for saying that, but the Tiffany’s solitaire looked stupid on my finger. It stuck out like a big…sticking outish thing and made my hand look like it was playing dress up.

I felt so stupid! It was totally silent and the salesperson and Kyle were both looking at me, waiting for a reaction, so I just said, “oh, isn’t that pretty?” but it came out totally fake and I couldn’t get it off my finger faster. We walked around and I tried on diamond-crusted bands, diamond flowers, plain bands, aquamarine baubles…I mean, we DID Tiffany’s and I seriously started to feel chest pains because I just couldn’t find anything that felt good. They were too heavy, too thin, too scratchy (those diamond bands are really uncomfortable)…the whole thing got awful really quickly.

And then, randomly, I saw it. And it’s perfect. It’s perfect.

If I had seen it on the website, or maybe even on someone else’s finger, I totally would have kept looking. It’s not my ideal at all, but when I put it on, it was totally and completely perfect. And randomly, it fits perfectly. I don’t ever want to take it off. I even wore it when I was sleeping last night. It’s so weird, because I’ve only had it for about 24 hours, but my hand looks really weird when I’m not wearing the ring. Can’t explain it, but it’s true. I love, love, love my ring.

So, it’s a Paloma Picasso Love Match Puzzle Ring. It’s totally bizarre, but it’s so us. It’s two interlocking rings that fit together to make a really pretty band. There’s a diamond right in the center. It’s just enough glitter to be beautiful without being obnoxious and it’s just raised enough to be noticeable without being annoying. It’s also going to match everything I wear forever and I love that it’s two kind of weird looking rings that fit together to make one beautiful ring. Again, so us.

I thought that watching the salesguy wrap it up in that little blue box with the white ribbon was going to be the coolest thing that ever happened to me, but it was topped when we hit lunch following our successful jewelry run. Kyle randomly dropped to one knee in front of Hofbrauhaus, home of the one liter beers, and pulled it out of his pocket. If my wedding ceremony ends up being as good as my proposals have been, I’m going to be totally set.

Toolkit for planning a wedding

Posted by Carly Morgan

I should totally create this kit and market it on eBay to all brides:


Of course, pretty much every bride starts with bridal magazines. I love them and can’t get enough, even though they do make me feel bad for not having $40,000 to spend on a wedding! It makes me laugh to read about crazy brides, though. Can you imagine crying because the color of the garlands doesn’t match the color on the thank you note trim? Good times. I’m not supposed to keep all of the ones I buy because we don’t have the room, so every little while I rip out the pages that I like and give the rest to an engaged friend.

Books (the best)

I hit Barnes and Noble not too long after we were engaged and scoured the aisles. Ultimately, these were the best buys. The thank you note book has already come in handy because I never know what to say in thank you notes and I had to do a bunch for christmas, our engagement, and my birthday. It’s cheap and a lifesaver. I highly recommend it. The DIY book is fantastic. It includes a lot of great website suggestions, like and

Books (the worst)

I absolutely hate it when I realize I’ve wasted money on books, and let me tell you: these books were a WASTE! Kyle and I are still trying to get through the book of questions to ask each other, but we aren’t really getting anything out of it. I might be a bad fiance, but I don’t really care what kind of sea creature he sees himself as. The other book was bought after I read Emotionally Engaged (which I COMPLETELY recommend) but this one just doesn’t quite meet expectations. I think it’s for people who really, really get nervous when they think about getting married. I’m dying to get married. Bring on the bells.

Book (the Disney)

We read a ton of travel guides, but this is the one I’m using for the wedding planning. It’s great because you can easily find little things to tell your guests or stick in the newsletter, and we always use at least some of the coupons. Even if you’re truly disneyfied, an updated guide book comes in handy and these are the best of the best.


I’m not allowed to leave wedding stuff all over the apartment for the next 10 months (mean, controlling fiance who would rather sit on the couch than use it to hold craft supplies and invitations). So, I’ve been given the hall closet and some big old rubbermaid tubs. I guess I’ll survive.



This is the official wedding tote. I use it to carry the latest magazines and my planning stuff around the apartment and it comes in really handy when we head upstate for a weekend with the inlaws. In the bag: a series of colored pens and highlighters, scotch tape, scissors, post-its, headbands and hairclips, my DFTW folder, a small spiral notebook for making lists, a box of thank you cards for engagement gifts, the wedding planner my attendant Nate got me (cute because he’s a total guy and ended up buying me the pinkest planner out there when I made him a bridesmaid), and my blue book.

Blue Book


LOVE the blue book. Don’t know how I’d survive without the blue book. The blue book is a large blank journal I bought at B&N (the company who makes them is called Working Class Studio). It has hard covers and big blank pages that are perforated for easy tear out. I use it as a general idea/inspiration/design journal. It’s also where I put the torn out magazine pages. The great thing is that anything can be taped into the book, so I have engagement cards, magazine articles, advertisements, magnet samples, fabric samples, receipts, and other little things all mixed in with my lists, doodles, and notes. I’m about halfway through with it and I’m hoping it lasts me to my wedding day because it’s so fantastic! I highly, highly recommend it.




Goodbye summer

Posted by Carly Morgan

School officially starts tomorrow and, though I do not have classes, I do have to go to work. It’s basically the end of the summer. I don’t feel much like blogging, though. To be fair, I’ve written more this summer than I ever have before, which is impressive for an ex-English major. So a quick recap before we move on:

Top 7 of Summer ’07
7) Finishing the Book
6) Sleeping in every day
5) Disneyland Road Trip
4) Justin and Jenna’s Wedding
3) Trip to D.C.
2) Our second anniversary date
1) Trip to Oregon

Bottom 7 of Summer ’07
7) Being away from Kyle while I was in D.C., CA, and UT
6) Not being able to work more than once a week
5) Finding out I have no 07-08 financial aid set up
4) Finishing less than half of my summer reading
3) Writing the book
2) Researching the book
1) Realizing the summer is over

The nice thing is that it was actually pretty hard to come up with the Bottom 7 list. If I had done this last year, that list would have been packed with moments fighting for a spot. Maybe my luck is changing. Of course, as I start the year sans books, without financial aid and with a serious case of apathy, it’s going to take a little grace from above to get me through the first couple of weeks. C’est la vie. It was a short summer, but it was a very nice one. I haven’t been this relaxed and happy in a long time. I think I’m starting to remember what life was like pre-law school.

Summer in review:

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