Montessori at Home with Monti Kids

Posted by Carly Morgan on

This post is sponsored by Monti Kids and we received a Level 8 box to facilitate our review. All thoughts and opinions below are my own.

I strongly believe that the best preschool program you can choose for your child is a Montessori-based program but it's not always affordable or practical for families to find one. We spent thousands to send our oldest to a local Montessori program for one year but we couldn't afford to send her longer than that and when we had our second and third kids it was completely out of the question. To supplement, I tried to buy Montessori-style toys to use here at home but since I don't have a Montessori background it was a lot of guess work.

The Monti Kids subscription service delivers a Montessori curriculum to your home that is designed to fit the age level your child is at. The toys come packaged in clearly labeled 100% recyclable boxes so you know exactly when to introduce each activity and there are guides to tell you how to introduce and use the materials with your baby.

They toys are also really well made, manufactured with sustainably-forested wood and non-toxic paint. All of the packaging and toys were designed and created by internationally-certified Montessori educators so you're getting the real deal without the preschool germs.

If you aren't too familiar with Montessori education, it's a child-centered approach that works by giving kids access to interesting materials that fit the developmental interests of their particular age. The toys are appropriately sized, pleasing to touch, and are designed to teach through discovery rather than direct instruction. All of the toys in the Level 8 Monti Kids box we explored fit all of these descriptions and Felix was completely engaged in independent play within minutes.


Some of the materials, like the mystery bags, were interesting but I wasn't sure how to interact with Felix while using them so the guide videos were very helpful. Where I was trying to turn it into a structured activity, the videos reminded me that the goal is to explore freely (within limits) to encourage self-directed learning.


The boxes are designed to progress in levels so that they grow with your baby and they start from the newborn stage so they'd be a great gift. We got the last level, Level 8, because Mr. Felix is two and a half now, and I just wish I'd found them sooner because he loved this box so much. If you're curious about what the box looks like when it arrives and how everything is packaged, check out our unboxing video:

Overall, I was really impressed with the Monti Kids box. I think it makes Montessori education much more accessible and it's a stress-free way to support your kid's education early on so that they can have the best start.