Our First Red Egg and Ginger Party

Posted by Carly Morgan on

The timeline is ticking down for our third baby (we're just about down to two months left!) and I'm trying to wrap my brain around all of the things I need to think about. We cleaned out two closets this weekend so we could move stuff around to make room and I found the journal I kept when I was pregnant with Eva.

This far into my pregnancy I had already planned out her nursery, a year's worth of activities, her seasonal wardrobe, and her first three vacations. This included her trip to California for her red egg and ginger party.

The red egg party typically celebrates a Chinese baby's first month and is the opportunity for the family to announce the baby's name and introduce him or her to the relatives. We did a more modern twist by waiting four months and only keeping her Chinese name a secret (since Facebook knew Eva's name before she was even born) but we still had a lot of traditional elements and it was fun to see all the lists and sketches I worked on when she was still in my tummy.

I went all out for that party even going so far as to make seven different kinds of red desserts and order more than a hundred red balloons. I hand cut confetti, hand dyed her dress, tied little ribbons around everything...*sigh* it's like another planet.

Best of all, everyone came out. All the grandparents were there and her godparents were there and our families came in from all over to help us celebrate. And to eat the ridiculous hand-dipped Oreos I decided she couldn't possibly live without.

Alas, I don't know what kind of red egg party baby #3 will have because that, like lots of stuff, seems to be a lost detail in a house that already has two kids in it so let's just take a peek at Eva's red egg party and save any future red egg parties for another day: