Our Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Night

Posted by Carly Morgan on

Being huge Guardians of the Galaxy fans, we've been waiting and waiting for the chance to own this movie. Once the movie came out on December 9th, we had a big movie night with my family and I had the chance to brainstorm a fun way to create a heroes party that everyone would enjoy. I had all these fancypants recipes brewing and was going to go in an Oscars party direction, when I realized that the best part of Guardians of the Galaxy is how casual and fun it is. So, we did a "Best of the Eighties" movie snacks buffet!

I went movie snack food crazy! I picked up mini cans of soda, cheese puffs, mint chocolate chip cookies, Twinkies, chips, tons of movie theater candy, and supplies to make chocolate pudding cups with cookie crumble topping. I also grabbed some foam core board and some gift wrap with a holographic print to set the mood. Remember when everything was holographic? The eighties were the best!

Since the majority of our party guests were eighties kids, everyone was pretty excited to see the display (and excited to have a chance to indulge in all the things we're supposed to be too grown up to eat these days). The kids were excited too, since we let them go to town and pick out whatever they wanted. Even my niece-on-the-way seemed to be a fan of the movie night buffet!

As a game to play during the movie, I created some Guardians of the Galaxy Bingo cards featuring different moments of the movie like "Star-Lord dances" or "Gamora gets mad about something". For prizes, I found a free printable online for boxes that look like Awesome Mix cassette tapes and I put different gifts cards in them ranging from $5-$15.

We used Sour Patch Kids as game pieces (although I'm pretty sure they were mostly eaten) and it got pretty competitive. Dangle the promise of a gift card in front of my family and things heat up!

All in all, we had a great time watching the movie and it definitely brought me back to the days when we were all little and movie night was something I did with my siblings all the time.